Historical record about the establishment and development of Seattle Seahawks

Seattle - AS a professional online supplier for Replica Championship Ring, supplies all sorts of Super Bowl Rings. Recently, with the Seattle Seahawks¡¯ winning for super bowl championship, their exclusive National Championship ring becomes most hot selling. Maybe some of NFL fans do not have fully knowledge about the history of this new NFL champion. If it is really this situation, this article will help people know about the history and other details of this famous NFL team.

Seattle Seahawks is a professional America football team which located at Seattle. This football team belongs to West National Football Association of National Football League of America. Seattle Seahawks had participated into NFL together with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team in 1976. The team already had attended the fortieth Super Bowl in 2005 and they had been beaten by another famous NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers.

In February 3, 2014, the 48th NFL Super Bowl finals match had been hold in the New York Metropolitan Stadium. In this final match, Seattle Seahawks create a perfect start of 36 to 0 to in the first round of this game. They succeeded rule the Finals game and suppressed Payton Manning. At last, the Seattle Seahawks has eventually wins over the Denver Broncos by the score of 43 to 8 to get the championship of NFL. This time should be the first time which Seahawks win the Super Bowl championship in the history which is also the professional teams from Seattle win the championship of North America professional sports League since the Sonics won the 1979 NBA championship. After wining of this match, the linebacker of this team whose name is Malcolm Smith get MVP.

After the winning in 2014, this team became new focus of most of NFL fans and the replica 2013 Seattle Seahawks Ring already become the favorite among all of these fans. That is why this team¡¯s 2013 Michigan State Spartans championship ring from online store rockchampions could be loved by all of these NFL lovers.

According to the historical record, Seahawks began their professional match since 1976. Within the initially stage, the Seahawks was the member of National Federation Western Division and later this team entered into American Association Western Division in 1977 but they returned the National Federation Western Division in 2002.

In the matching season of 2005, the Seahawks had got their first NFC championship and broken into the Super Bowl final match. However, the luck God did not choose them and they had been beaten by the famous NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers. However, this team finally let their dream come true and they get the championship ring at last. Currently, the Seahawks has been owned by the Microsoft's creator and NBA Portland Trail Blazers¡¯ boss Paul Allen and the value of this team could reach to up to 610 million dollars.

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