Master Photographer and Time-Lapser AARON KEIGHER Unveils New Time-Lapse Video Literally Shot “ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS”

LOS ANGELES (July 28, 2015) – Master Photographer and Time-Lapser AARON KEIGHER led a four-hour drive, three photographers, and covered two states to create the all-new original time-lapse video, ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS, literally shot in only one night.

Typically, time-lapse films are not created quickly. They can take months or even years to complete. This was the preconceived notion that Keigher set out to disprove.

ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS views like a love letter to the City of Las Vegas, famous for its gambling, mega hotels, neon lights, colorful people and an open-all-night attitude. Keigher, along with fellow photographers Michael Bloom and Arlene Ziordia, armed with their time-lapse gear, made the road trip from Los Angeles through the Mojave Desert to the self-proclaimed ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Upon arrival, the team captured the pulse of the city, streets buzzing, fountains spouting and money flowing, where the only signs of slowing down came with the realization of sunrise.

The next task for Keigher was to spend hours editing the individual photos and putting all the footage together into a finished time-lapse film. To establish the beat musically, he wrapped the visuals around pop punk band Verona Grove’s appropriately titled song, “Las Vegas Nights.” The finished result delivers 3 minutes and 45 seconds of pure Vegas, Baby.

Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the photographer captures single photos over a period of time and then puts them together to form a video. This gives the film the appearance of time passing at a much faster rate.

Keigher explains, “Vegas was the perfect place to do this — the city never sleeps! It is 24/7 non-stop action. Creating a time-lapse in one night was an idea I had for a while and when Michael and Arlene agreed, I knew we had to give it a shot. We used every tool we had and literally rushed from location to location — real ‘run and gun’ time-lapsing. By the time sunrise came around our feet were killing us and we were exhausted, but it was such a fun night. Exactly what you would expect from ‘One Night in Vegas!”

Next, Keigher plans to take his ‘One Night’ time-lapse approach to other cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. 

Inspired by the world around him, Keigher has built a stunning portfolio and solid reputation as an artist. His fine-art photography focuses mainly on landscapes, nightscapes and time-lapse films, shooting with both digital and film camera systems. His previous time-lapse film “Move” received a prestigious ‘Staff Pick’ on Vimeo. His work has been featured by CBS News, CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC and numerous others. When not out shooting or working in his editing studio, Keigher gives private photography and time-lapse workshops in California to photography students from around the world.

Aaron Keigher is managed by Blackbox Management.

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