Overall Spa Maintenance: How to Make Your Spa Work Well

Do you own a hot tub? Well, if you do, you are responsible as well as obligated to do one thing, which is regularly cleaning the tub and the water inside. Now, the time table for cleaning it varies from day to day, there are certain rules based on which you should set the maintenance schedule for your hot tub. While no one is asking you to clean the water every single day (this is more wastage than resourcefulness), every spa part needs to be cleaned at least one or twice in three months. Moreover, whenever you see scum accumulating on the surface of the water inside the spa you should know that it is time to give it a dose of chemical cleaners.

Talking about the cleanliness of the spa waters, let us talk about the filters. When the spa filters break down, dirt and mud starts accumulating hence leading to the formation of scum. Therefore, within a day or two, you will start seeing the water getting muddier and dirtier. As soon as you notice this happening, check the filters of the hot tub. They might be either clogged or damaged. Therefore, you need to get those repaired or replaced as soon as possible. You don’t want the water to turn into a scum filled breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the sooner that you can get the damage fixed, the better it is.

Apart from keeping your spa filters clean and you also need to check that the pH balance of the water is maintained. You get test strips in the market that can tell you about the spa alkalinity as well as acidity. Then, there are chemicals that you can use to get these balanced.

Another thing that can help you maintain the health of your spa is the bather load. The lesser the bather load the better is the condition of the hot tub. Last but not the least, maintaining the temperature of the water inside the spa is also vital to maintain its health.

Everytime you get a replacement spa part for the one gone bad, make sure that the quality that you purchase is superior. The replacement spa parts also need to run for a long time. Therefore, purchasing from renowned places like Master Spa Parts is necessary.


Overall maintenance of the Master Spa and its parts is essential for increasing the shelf life of the spa. Every part of the hot tub is important, therefore, equal care should be taken to maintain the health of them all. A spa cannot work without its parts functioning well. To sum it up, take precautions and repair quickly.