System Reveals How To Zap Fears With Self-Reprogramming – How To Reprogram The Mind


After gaining her life back from debilitating fears, Hypnotherapist Louise Hunter is sharing her revolutionary, but simple self-reprogramming techniques formula that anyone can use to reprogram the mind to get rid of unnecessary fears permanently in just one hour, The One Hour Fear Eliminator.

Louise Hunter, certified hypnotherapist and member of The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, spoke with us about her self-reprogramming techniques system, The One Hour Fear Eliminator. She said it can totally zap unnecessary fears and when people learn how to reprogram the mind to overcome stage fright, or fear of public speaking, they can reach the goals in life they desire and reach their full potential.

Hunter said that, fortunately for her, when she had just about given up hope of getting rid of her own fears, a hypnotherapist discovered she had fear of people (anthrophobia) and reprogrammed her mind to get rid of it. She decided nobody should suffer with fears as she did and decided to become a hypnotherapist.

While searching for the best reprogramming methods to help her clients overcome fears, she said she was extremely fortunate to find a pendulanalysis program offered by the late hypnotherapist, Frank Monaghan and it became her favorite method to help many clients reprogram the mind to overcome fears, particularly how to overcome stage fright because it was so easy, quick and amazing.

Another fear, Hunter said she had, was social anxiety, so she wrote down a script for The One Hour Fear Eliminator, and used it to overcome stage fright as well. Friends told her that she didn’t even seem like the same person because she was more friendly and outgoing.

She said not only can people use The One Hour Fear Eliminator to learn how to overcome stage fright, or social anxiety, people can be helped with many other unnecessary fears, such as fear of heights, fear of driving, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of people, or fear of closed places, to name a few.

Hunter said, “The One Hour Fear Eliminator is called self-pendulanalysis and is an incredibly easy self-reprogramming method using a ring on a string or a pendulum to find yes and no answers to questions to reframe the thoughts in the mind. Just like a computer is reprogrammed by inserting new software, the mind works the same way.”

She said the fears can be zapped by simply following the steps as instructed and that people need to find a place where they can be alone to concentrate on what they are doing.

Unlike many programs out there, she said with her program, there is no need to go to seminars, eat right, exercise right, listen to tapes or try to force oneself to face an audience, which compounds the fear. Hunter said she has found that this is the best way to reprogram the mind and works in about an hour so that the very next day, people can give performances, whether it is singing, talking or playing an instrument. People who complete The One Hour Fear Eliminator and get rid of unnecessary fears are forever changed so they can have the freedom to do whatever they want in life.

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