Everyone deserves to be Kings and Queens of their own world

Established in 1999, the team at Avianne & Co. has become one of the largest jewelry stores on the East Coast. The master jewelers have designed and built an exquisite gallery of the finest diamond jewelry from their flagship store located in the heart of New York City. The design and production of all items is handled in-house with passion and care, from wax model making and molding to gold casting and diamond setting.

For centuries, jewelry has been used as a reflection of wealth, power, class and status. Jewelry has manifested itself from being a fashion statement to becoming a necessity. Jewelry is now wore to differentiate an individual from the rest. In 2009, when the United States was hit with the recession, jewelers saw this as an advantage to create religious jewelry. Several examples are, diamond rosaries, micro angel pendants and micro Jesus heads. This became popular as people needed something to hold on to throughout the dark times. Joseph Aranbayev also known as Joe Avianne, CEO at Avianne and Co. saw the bigger picture and was positive that people were strong and powerful to move forward. Joe designed a passionate collection inspired by royalty reflected by elegance, class and most importantly power. ‘The Royal Collection’ is very meaningful to Avianne and Co., the collection is created to make people feel powerful, to feel like Kings and Queens of their own worlds.

The collection was first created exclusively for Birdman, co-founder of Cash Money Records. Then after 2 years of exclusivity the collection was released publicly and received many positive attention from A-list musicians such as Future, Rich Hommie Quan, Young Thug, Drake, Nengo Flow and just recently Justin Bieber as well as Nispey Hustle.

*Collection can be custom made to your own specifications. To see the whole collection please go to