Huntersville School, Legacy Leadership Academy, announces the hiring of teacher Nyasha Grennan

Nyasha Grennan

We are excited to that announce Nyasha Grennan will be joining Legacy Leadership Academy! Nyasha brings with her a lifetime of talent and passion for teaching!

Nyasha has taught students from preschool through second grade for more than 22 years in area Charlotte schools. Her passion is literacy and helping young children develop a love for reading and writing. Her infectious laugh and abundant energy make learning a fun adventure every day! Nyasha connects with families and establishes lasting relationships with her students. She is also an independent facilitator with the Love and Logic Institute and offers 6-week parenting classes. She uses these same techniques in her classroom by teaching children to embrace challenges, take risks and learn from consequences. She and her three children reside in Mooresville.

We are beyond blessed to have Ms. Grennan join our new Huntersville school, Legacy Leadership Academy. It’s been a fascinating journey that has led her to us. Read about this journey in her own words:

So, you all might think that I always wanted to be a teacher. But you would be 100%, totally and completely WRONG! Hi! My name is Nyasha Grennan, and I absolutely love being a Kindergarten teacher. But it didn’t start out that way!

I was attending college in a very small town in Maine. I knew I was fascinated about how a child’s brain works. There wasn’t a child psychology major at my school, so I decided to get two degrees. The first in Child Development, which required many education classes, as well as student teaching and the second in Psychology, so that I could understand how the brain works. I reluctantly went to my education classes, knowing full well that I would NEVER be an elementary school teacher, and I enthusiastically went to my psychology classes knowing that I would find a career there.

Surprisingly, the small town Maine teacher that I did my “forced” student teaching with won the National Award for Teaching Excellence. When I was in her room and under her spell, I felt the power and gifts of teaching emerge. My blood was on fire, and I knew, not just a little nudge, that I was destined for this path.

I’ve learned over the years that sometimes it takes a 2X4 to hit you over the head to make sure you are on the right course. I was recently asked to be the Matron of Honor in a former student’s wedding. She is now pursuing a teaching position and claims that she owes it all to her kindergarten experience. I can only pray and hope that I can be that same influence on all the students that I teach.