CF Stinson Presents New Product Collections at NeoCon 2015

Sophisticated Styles for Office: Hudson, Matter & Motion

Merchandise Mart space 10-150: Reimagined to feel more like a design studio

Chicago -- CF Stinson, a leading resource for commercial textiles for more than 60 years, is set to present compelling new product collections for a wide range of contract interiors in the company’s reimagined Merchandise Mart space during NeoCon 2015. Held in Chicago June 15-17 at the Merchandise Mart, NeoCon is North America’s largest exposition and conference for the interior design profession.

“The Stinson NeoCon 2015 product introductions offer innovative textile designs for all sectors of the contract market, including office, healthcare, education, and hospitality,” said Keith Stinson, president of CF Stinson. “We’ve redesigned our Merchandise Mart space to feel more like a design studio, and organized our products by color scheme to highlight the versatility and synergy of the entire Stinson product portfolio.”

Stinson will also present Design Mix, the company’s award-winning digital design tool aimed at simplifying the textile selection and specification process. Developed with the designer in mind, Design Mix allows designers to seamlessly browse Stinson’s collections and coordinate unlimited color and pattern schemes.

Featured Products, NeoCon 2015

Matter & Motion (Performance Fabrics; Design: Stinson Studio)

Matter & Motion is a collection of six textile patterns that combine geometry, modern textures and vibrant colors with engineered durability. All patterns are made in the USA and are GreenGuard Gold Certified.

Hudson (Performance Fabric; Design: Stinson Studio)

Luxurious hand, bright pops of color and exquisite drapability describe Hudson, Stinson’s new Eco-Intelligent® wool melton fabric. Produced in North America using 100 percent natural and rapidly renewable fibers, Hudson features GOTS approved dyes that meet requirements for toxicity and safe biodegrading. Free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, GMO’s and nano particles, Hudson is Facts® Gold and GreenGuard Gold Certified. The color line is deep, with 22 shades including solids and heathers.

Apex • Crypton® Revl™ (Coated Fabric; Design: Stinson Studio)

Apex•Crypton Revl is the result of a two-year collaboration between Crypton® and CF Stinson aimed at developing a best-in-class surface material that satisfies the rigorous demands of today’s healthcare, hospitality, education and commercial markets. This revolutionary product easily releases ballpoint pen, permanent marker, denim dye transfer and food stains. Available in 23 colors, Apex is made in the USA and is GreenGuard Certified.

Best of Patty Madden Software (Coated Fabrics; Design: Patty Madden)

Just as the name describes, this presentation (14 styles/81 colors) features a thoughtfully curated selection of the best-selling colors of our exclusive Patty Madden Software collection of high performance coated fabrics, including several colors of new patterns Wicker, Slightwave and Plexus. All styles are GreenGuard Certified and offer Zeron® advanced soil/stain and fluid barrier protection.

Sentry-HC (Coated Fabric; Design: Stinson Studio)

Responding to growing concerns around Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI), Stinson has developed Sentry-HC; designed to resist damage from cleaning agents and disinfectants which can significantly shorten the life and appearance of upholstered furniture. Extensively tested, Sentry HC surface material withstands repeated cleaning and disinfection with both spray and wipe disinfectant products; allowing upholstered seating to be cleaned and disinfected with confidence. Sentry-HC is GreenGuard Certified and available in 22 colors.

Put it in Neutral (Performance Fabrics; Design: Stinson Studio)

This unique, 3-page sample platform combines several of Stinson’s best-selling performance textures with 7 new, sophisticated textiles arranged by color logic in an easy to use format. A reliable “go to” sample presentation for today’s busy design professionals, all patterns include Crypton® soil/stain and fluid barrier protection, and are GreenGuard Gold Certified. Available in 12 textiles and 83 colors.

About Stinson –

As a family-owned business for three generations, Stinson purveys innovative commercial textiles that exceed customer expectations for design, performance, value, sustainability and service. On a daily basis, Stinson inquires about possibilities, inspires great interiors and desires to improve.