Dinastindo Pratama offers quality packaging of your goods with corrugated boxes

Indonesia; 4/10/2014: Corrugated boxes have varied uses in not just the industries where they are used for packaging purposes but in different other areas as well. While the corrugated boxes are used for much similar purposes as cardboards, the former is more durable and lasting in nature. They provide better protection to the objects inside it is for their rough and strong nature that the corrugated boxes find a widespread use in the warehouse works. They are most commonly preferred to ordinary cardboard boxes in matters of transportation of goods or belongings through small or big distances. As it is that the corrugated boxes are made of materials that are ecofriendly, they are used in packaging purposes in the food industry as well. In the food industry they are largely popular as brown boxes and are used in packing fresh foods, vegetables and fruits for transportation to different departmental stores. Dinastindo Pratama is a company offering a huge collection of corrugated boxes in different sizes. 

The karton box offered at the company is suitable for transportation and distribution of goods from warehouses. The boxes are available in varied sizes and shapes for fitting in differing sizes of goods ranging between small and large. Their material is such that they resist damage in a more efficient way than ordinary cardboards. That they are used in warehouse packaging is a fact that testifies to their rough and tough nature. These corrugated cardboards are also used by the packaging and transportation businesses. For instance, in case of shifting of base, the belongings are packaged and transported to the desired destination. The corrugated boxes offer greater protection against damage when transported over long distances. shows a varied collection of corrugated boxes for various other purposes such as the packaging of gifts. The boxes used for packing gifts are of a lighter material than those used for the packaging of other heavy industrial goods. The gift packing boxes available at the company are wrapped in gift papers before they are transported to the desired destination. Such Pabrik karton boxes are available for the packaging of birthday gifts or Christmas gifts to be transported or parceled to distant places. 

The other kind of boxes available at the company includes set-up boxes which are rigid paperboard boxes. These are made up of rigid cardboards which have leather glued to the paper permanently and these can be colored or printed. Unlike the foldable cartons, these boxes are set up at the company itself before they are transported. These Pabrik kardus are used in the packaging of high value objects that need better and stronger protection such as the electronic goods, cosmetics, watches, etc. 

About Dinastindo Pratama:

Dinastindo Pratama is a company that offers a huge collection of corrugated boxes for different packaging and transportation purposes. The boxes are more resistant and protective than cardboard boxes. For more information, visit the website.