Bonfire Facility at Hotel Sunrise in Kodaikanal

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you… ~ Rumi

King James said that people should have a big bonfire every year on 5th November. Ever since then, the day has been known as Bonfire Night. Why it should be just to light up old branches and wastes? Turning it as a team activity, family get together, etc is our work. What is the use of your visit if you never experience the tranquility of a hill-station? Only adventurous and unique moments of a trip can stay longer even without photograph as memories. What occasion are you on? No matter what and where just collects logs and fire it, voila!!! Bonfire is ready. But to experience the traditional tribal bonfire experience with chanting and singing all along will ensure the stay remains etched in your memories. 

Trekking to unknown hills and enjoying the serenity of the place will not fulfill the entire trip mood, so we offer you the ultimate experience of growing bonfire in deep woods. Not only for relaxation it may be used as a team building activity, so we even suggest this activity to corporate team building campaigns.

Safety, is what you think? We will show you how safe we are in conducting this kind of events, Bonfire should be grown in the vicinity of water ponds or in that kind. We never take risk on our guest’s safety so leave that part to us; we’ll take care of it.

Bonfire will crave the inner sprit of yours with the serenity of the woods. Imagine living a day with a classic style is always a dream of thousand of folks, we make it happen in old school style with classic British style campaigns.

No matter in what mood you are bonfire will bring in fire within you by the indulged inner experience. We guarantee you the memorable dawn to remember in rest of your life. Not like other tour services we don’t ask you get prepare for the location, we prepare the location for you. We are the leaders in hospitality and even we can deliver luxurious hospitality midst the woods.