What?! Tanager is now offering Melvin brews!?!

Tanager Beverages has been tapped as the newest distributor for Wyoming's very own Melvin Brewing Co. "We are so pumped to be bringing you beers like Melvin IPA, 2x4 DIPA, and Killer Bee's to name a few!" reports Joe Kondelis with Tanager Beverages.
Why should you care?
For one, While Melvin has been building it's brand and winning awards all over the West Coast, they have recently opened their new 20,000 sq. foot production facility in Alpine, Wyoming.... and Tanager Beverage is now one of its first distributors.
Two, and likely the most relevant for you readers and businesses in the industry, it is now that much easier for you to enjoy and have access to this award winning, delicious craft beer!
To get Melvin, reach out to Tanager via Facebook message or email Joe at If you're a huge fan or antsy to try Melvin, just ask for it?! You just might get lucky and your favorite go-to spot might start serving it :)