Lenovo Ultrabook Laptops: A Great Deal For You

It is a new year and often we love to buy something which would stay be a good investment while also serving its purpose. So many people choose this time to buy electronics goods and that is not a bad idea either. If you are looking for laptops, read on.

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is not just a laptop; it's an ultrabook which can double up as your tablet as well. There are a few competitors of Lenovo in this segment but this product is comparatively much better than any of its competitors. You can use it as either a fully featured laptop or a stand-alone laptop. It can change itself according to your need and the situation. While in the laptop avatar, there is a physical full QWERTY keyboard, the tablet version offers every touchscreen functions. It can bend either side so you can easily change to position to get a better view.

Actually the multi-touch and 12.5 inch high-definition touchscreen offers very precise control. Moreover, the display is set at 1366*768 which can give you a fair idea of how clear and vivid view you can get. It is bigger compared to most of its competitors as well because mostly those generally come with 11 inch display while this one has 12.5 inches. However, the thickness is just the same which makes it look attractive despite of a bigger screen. It is around 0.8 inch thick and weighs around 1.58 kg.

The memory storage is rather big for such a lightweight and thin notebook. There is a traditional 500 GB SATA hard disk and also a 24 GB SSD, which mainly serves for the tablet mode. If you are still not happy, you can even connect external hard drives using the ports provided. Lenovo's patented Active Protection system assures you that your data are safe within those drives. It can detect any motion and lock the hard drive to prevent it from crashing.

Files can also be stored on the Cloud storage, an offer to Lenovo users from SugarSync. Once your data is in the cloud, you can access this data from anywhere using any cloud-enabled device. If you have previous data in cloud, they can be synchronised using Lenovo laptops.

The trackpad of this device, which is needed while using it as a laptop, is a single piece with built-in mouse buttons. The keyboard is Chiclet styled which means it is compact and easy to type on and the buttons are well carved as well. You can also use the special functions buttons like F1 to F10 and get things done quickly as well.

Many stores are selling Lenovo laptops online. You can easily launch Google and search for the store which is offering the deal you like, Just make sure that the site is a reputed one and you are all ready to get your own Lenovo ultrabook.