Sleep Apnea Raises Risks of Stroke

Irvine – April 26, 2014. Recent studies show that individuals suffering from sleep apnea are four times more likely to have a stroke than those who do not. In addition, sleep apnea is also linked to increased risks of heart disease, which is three times more likely to happen to them than most member of the healthy population. How do you stop snoring and should you be alarmed?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition more commonly referred to as snoring, which occurs when the dorsal part of the tongue flaps against the back portion of the throat, banging against the uvula. Most individuals would find it to be a source of inconvenience, not knowing that it could actually be a sign of worse medical conditions that could be hidden from plain sight.

How do you stop snoring? Several specialists such as Irvine sleep apnea recommend the use of a special device attached to the lower jaw to minimize chances of such condition from recurring. In doing so, the advantages would include better sleep and relaxation which in turn leads to improved stamina, concentration, as well as mental well-being in general. Sleep apnea could be an indicator of a serious health threat. It shouldn’t be ignored.

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