Stopping Male Organ Pain - The 5 Most Common Problems and When to Go to the Doctor

Men are notorious doctor skippers and delayers, often putting off the inevitable for as long as possible.  When it comes to the male organ, however, this practice is especially frowned upon.  A man’s physical and reproductive health are both impacted by the well-being of his Johnson; therefore, when it comes to male organ pain, he shouldn’t mess around.  Certain infections and male organ problems can be spread to other individuals during intimate contact; they can cause long-term damage to the male organ, and they can even cause sterility – so men need to buck up and go to the doctor!  Learn more about 5 common types of male organ pain and why a trip to the doctor is important to keep the male organ healthy.

1)      Weird Bump, Lump or Rash: No man wants to see an unfriendly bump staring back at him from his manhood. A bump on the junk may be something as simple as a male organ pimple that will clear up on its own in a few days, but it could also be something more serious, like a symptom of a social disease.  In serious situations, a suspicious bump or nodule that is accompanied by pain may even be a symptom of cancer. If the bump doesn’t clear up in a day or two, head to the doc to get the A-OK – especially before having relations again.

2)      Hurts to pee: Pain during urination is unpleasant, to say the least.  Several culprits could be to blame when a man is having trouble tinkling.  He may have a urinary tract infection, kidney infection, bladder infection, stones, social disease or an enlarged prostate. If the painful urination persists for a day or more, he should head to the doc. A doctor can give meds to help with the pain, clear the infection and determine whether a stronger course of action is needed.

3)      Pain during intimacy: Painful coupling is probably the worst kind of male organ pain for any man. Not only does his male organ hurt, but he is unable to enjoy his favorite activity!  Intimacy is not supposed to be painful, so if it is – or if emission is suddenly painful – don’t mess around; get to the doctor right away.  Sudden pain during intimacy or release may be caused by a social disease, nerve damage to the male organ, swelling or infection of the urethra, prostate gland or sack, or even prostate cancer.  When things are going wrong with a man’s plumbing, it’s definitely time to make an appointment – lest it make things worse for the long haul!

4)      Male organ injury: An injury to the male organ is probably the most obvious cause of pain.  Even still, a trip to the ER is important because -- believe it or not -- a man can break his male organ!  A severe trauma to the area can cause tissue damage that may in turn create scar tissue.  This scar tissue, in some cases, causes a permanent curvature of the male organ known as Peyronie’s disease, making relations painful and downright difficult. 

5)      Prepusce pain: Occasionally, only a man’s sheath is experiencing pain.  This may be caused by an infection under the sheath or a failure of the sheath to fully retract.  If it is a single incident it is probably no big deal, but persistent, frequent or recurrent irritation, swelling or infection of the sheath may need surgery or even a full or partial circumcision to correct.  So don’t delay getting help when it comes to sheath pain!

Staying Healthy

In addition to making regular checkups to the doctor and following up on weird male organ bumps, men can do other things to take control of their reproductive health.  Using protection each and every time can help drastically reduce the chance of contracting a social disease – so wrap it up!  Daily use of a male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) especially one containing vitamin A, can also help keep the male organ healthy.  Vitamin A helps fight bacteria -- a leading cause of many types of infections and irritations -- so applying a male organ lotion immediately after taking a shower can help reduce nasty infection causing bacteria.