A fair impression of The Elder Scrolls Online compared with Skyrim and WoW

Actually I have just spent a few hours on ESO by far, but I feel pitiful when reading those comments on forums that many people say this game is trash or so, and Skyrim is much better, WoW is more interesting. I’m not pretty sure whether those people have played ESO or not before they published their hatred, but as far as I know, though the subscription is a little higher than other MMOs, and bugs come out continuously, it’s still a good one.

The beginning could be hard. It was kind of boring and I was not motivated. I didn’t know where to go and what I should do. There was no decent armor or weapon for me, let alone a horse. (A common horse cost 17,000 ESO gold. That’s a lot to me. ) Everything seemed dull. But after the Trial, it started to be fun because I could do some crafting.

As for the gameplay, ESO is similar to The Elder Scrolls. The left mouse button means a block and all direction buttons is a dodge. I must say the skill system is pretty interesting because I can get skill points very often. There are skill points when my character level rises, when I finish doing a quest and when I find a skyshard. Quests and skyshards should be found by yourself, so discovering is very important. Sometimes you may find a chest or so with some bonuses inside. You don’t know what’s inside, so it’s a great surprise once the chest is unlocked. If you run into a dungeon with a few friends, that’s another challenging detail. The quests in ESO is not limited to kill a certain number of wolves or collect a certain number of medical herbs but the quests are contiguous that you should play completely to get the final thick reward. In short, in The Elder Scrolls Online, there is a dynamic combat system, a mysterious discovering world, exciting crafting and varied quests.

ESO also has wonderful graphics I have not expected which makes ESO a decent MMORPG. The large game world is beautifully designed and looks so impressive. The music and voice are pleasing. The characters are angular and lifelike. However, it is annoying that there are still some bugs. So I can no longer continue playing with one of my characters because I have to log out without warning. 

Anyway, as I have said above, I love this game. And I know ZeniMax is always dealing with these bugs and bringing out new contents. It worths a try with ESO CDKey. has cheap ESO CDKey as well as cheap ESO gold and ESO items. Welcome to the ESO world.