Buy Wooden Beads Wholesale for Your Handmade Jewelry

Making your own handmade jewelry is a great hobby. It is very rewarding to create something that you love to use, that you’re proud to show off and maybe even an item that you can offer for sale. To start a hobby, all that you need are a few basic skills, some jewelry making tools and supplies and some beads like glass, stone, wooden beads and more. As your skills are developed, you may need larger quantities of supplies and buy wooden beads wholesale to ensure that you do not run out of them and also to save money.

Wooden beads are made from a variety of fruit bearing trees; however, you can make them out of any kind of tree. If you prefer to buy these beads for your many projects such as necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc., you should buy your wooden beads wholesale. These adornments have been used by artists for centuries.  They are natural looking, yet lend a classic feel to the pieces that you’ve created. These can be embellished with cultured freshwater pearls for a natural, soft design or with Swarovski crystals for that glamorous look.

Making wooden jewelry for oneself can be done by adults and even by young children and teenagers. Wooden beads can be purchased in various shapes such as round or square; they are also available in various sizes, such as big or small.  They also have different colors and designs.  Using them in jewelry making is fairly easy even for stringing with little hands.  You wouldn’t need any special skills to make a piece or two for your own collection.  Enjoy your free time designing and making lovely pieces out of your purchased wooden beads wholesale.

Some wooden beads can be deeply or lightly varnished; others can be painted with bright colors.  There are also some that are left raw, in case you want to do the painting or finishing. If you have many designs to create, it is advantageous, price wise, if you buy your wooden beads wholesale.  Also, buying them online is a better option than from your local craft store. However, if you only need a small quantity, say for just a necklace or two, you can visit your local hobby shop.  There you will have the opportunity to see and feel the items personally.  You can look at the varnish or paint if they are finely done, and you can see the actual size of the holes of the beads.

Make sure that you have the exact measurement of the necklace or bracelet that you will make before you go out to make a purchase of wooden beads. Get the neck or wrist circumference of the wearer.  The thickness or the length of the string should also be considered.  Check the prices of the store’s wooden beads wholesale and compare them with other stores. Also check the quality of wood used.  If you are making an online purchase, you use your debit or credit card; you pay in cash if you buy from your local stores.