Traveling as a couple from the perspective of an Aureus Medical travel nurse and physical therapist

Omaha, NE (March 9, 2015) - As a travel nurse or physical therapist, it can be challenging for some individuals to manage their time at work, traveling and maintaining their relationships. Aureus Medical Group, a leader in travel nursing jobs and travel physical therapy jobs, reached out to two of its travelers to get their perspective of traveling as a couple.

Matt D., a physical therapist, and Shannon N., an RN, both work in Hawaii, and are also in a relationship. We recently spoke with them about the perks and challenges of travel healthcare positions and how their careers have benefited their relationship.

Traveling and working as a couple
Taking assignments simultaneously often takes Matt and Shannon to locations where they might not know the locals. When traveling together for assignments, they tend to spend most of their free time together. Thankfully, Shannon works three days a week as a travel nurse, so the couple gets to spend at least one or two days exploring the new areas.

"When travel nurses are dating or married, keeping up a schedule where career, travel and free time all come together harmoniously might take a little extra work."

That said, the couple stated that it was their "No. 1 goal" to make sure that they are finding jobs in the same area. And for the most part, they have been fortunate to find assignments that allow them to stay close. In fact, there was only one time where they worked in different locations, but this separation only lasted for two weeks before they were able to work in the same area again. They were also located on different islands of Hawaii, making it easy to stay in touch. During this time, Matt and Shannon stayed in contact with the help of phone calls, Skype and FaceTime. They also made the short flight in between islands a few times to spend as much time together as possible.

There are some days when Matt and Shannon will find their work schedules full, regardless of whether or not they are in the same location.

"We still have a lot of free time to spend together. It really isn't much different than working permanent jobs as a nurse and physical therapist. The only difference is sometimes Shannon has to work night shift or increased weekends, which means sometimes we can have a few weeks where we don't see much of each other," Matt explained. "We plan to do most of our exploring and fun adventures in each area that we are in on days that we are both off from work so we can enjoy them together."

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