“We have an amazing job; at the end of the day we are beer guys.”

A lot has changed in the beer business since Kenney Inc. became Tanager Beverages back in 1997. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years you may not know of the massive increase in breweries in the United States.
Right now there are over 4,000 breweries operating in the U.S. which is a number not seen since 1873! Americans love beer and we love choices! Hence, the massive proliferation in brands and styles of beer.
The beer business has become as diverse and complicated as cost accounting and who even knows who owns who or what giant brewery merged with another. Through all these ins and outs of beers one thing is for certain, the local distributor is the middle man between you and the great goods you so desire from your favorite brewery.
Distributors are the access point for breweries into the marketplace and your favorite liquor store. They provide local jobs that put revenue back into local economies and are instrumental to the support of local events and causes. They are the ones up early every day, week after week, rain or shine, to make sure the Bighorn Basin is supplied with generous amounts of hop and malt concoctions.
There is a long list of functions your beer distributor provides you aside from just delivering beer. They often perform Beer and Food Pairings, samplings, and volunteer events. Their duties range from Draught Beer Tech to Sign Guy, Night Loader to Sales Rep.
Each person is well versed and tops in his/her role. “We have an amazing job; at the end of the day we are beer guys. Our responsibility is to bring beer from point A to point B satisfying our customers and having fun while doing so... we get to drink a lot of great beer too!” - Joe Kondelis, Sales Manager with Tanager Beverages.