Industry Size and Forecast 2015-2019 of Global Electric Transformer Market

Global Electric Transformer Market - Industry Size and Forecast 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 

Market Outlook of the Electric Transformer Market:

Electric transformers deliver advanced operating efficiency that results in minimal loss of energy. This market is experiencing the advent of new generation transformers with advanced features.

The Distribution Transformer Market is witnessing a high demand from developing countries such as China and India. In 2014, China and India together accounted for almost 30% share of the market. These two major countries are expected to account for close to half of the market share by 2019. Increased urbanization has largely contributed to the growing demand for reliable power distribution. It is expected to boost the demand for transformers during the forecast period. The market is growing steadily and is poised to post a CAGR of around 6% by 2019.

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Vendor Landscape of the Electric Transformer Market:

Many local, regional, and international players operate in the Electric Transformer Market. Most vendors offer similar transformer products at competitive prices. Hence, the landscape presents a competitive scenario with the leading players making concentrated efforts to differentiate their offerings. Vendors are also required to comply with stringent energy efficient policies and regulations implemented by the governments of many developed nations. To address these concerns companies are focusing on the procurement of high-quality raw materials while offering competitive pricing.

The leading companies in the market are:

Other prominent vendors in the market include Acme Electric, Altrafo, CELME, Crompton and Greaves, EREMU, GE, Hyosung Power, Hyundai, Schneider, Layer Electronics, LS Industrial, MACE, Mitsubishi Electric, Ormazabal, Ruhstrat, SPX Transformer, Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock, Toshiba, XD Group and YangZhou Power Electric.

Distribution Transformer Market Segmentation by Geography:

Replacement of aging power infrastructure in the Americas and Europe, and increased electricity demand in APAC, are expected to drive this market. In a welcome development, US is experiencing reduced natural gas prices and a manifold rise in its supply of shale natural gas. It has consequently led to increased investments in natural gas-fired power generation projects in the country. The regulatory policy in US focuses on producing cleaner energy that will further lead to increased investments in smart grids during the forecast period.

Power Transformer Market Segmentation by End-users:

The research report features the market share and growth forecast of the end-user segments by 2019.

Power utilities
Industrial and Commercial
Certain industrial and commercial premises require operating voltage of 33 KV and above. The rapid industrialization of developing countries in APAC will witness many industries coming up in the region that would require a high voltage power supply. Hence, the growing industrial and commercial segment will further drive the market.

Key Buying Criteria of the Electric Transformer Market:


End-users look out for the ability of the transformer to endure harsh working environments and deliver the required performance for a long period.


The transformer should be capable of providing optimal output with minimal input. Losses such as hysteresis loss and eddy current loss should be minimum.

Maintenance and Support:

Maintenance and support include the expectations of end-users for support, upgrades, and after-sales service during the entire operating life of a transformer. Transformer vendors are expected to provide regular maintenance and support of the machines to their end-users.

Total Cost of Ownership:

The total cost of ownership is the cost that end-users incur during the entire life cycle of a transformer. Vendors of transformers are expected to provide implementation, upgrades, maintenance support, and training at a minimal cost.

Other Sections of the Report Include an Analysis on the Following:

Anticipated Growth Pattern of Clean Energy Sources
Product Offerings by the Leading Vendors
Key Drivers and their Impact on the Electric Transformer Market
Key Challenges and their Impact on the Electric Transformer Market
Key Trends and their Impact on the Electric Transformer Market
Five Forces Analysis of the Electric Transformer Market
SWOT Analysis of Key Vendors of the Electric Transformer Market


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