Survival Combat Fitness Video Gives Survivalists Tools To Fight Off Zombies


Las Vegas, NV (June 8, 2014) – Famous fitness expert Yuri Boiarsky and well known fitness guru John Spenser Ellis  has come up with their incredibly feature loaded video training, based on survival combat. The prepper training video, introduced by the fitness experts, is aimed to enhance the inbuilt strengths and power of every individual.

The combat training online video is specially designed by the professionals, after a prolonged research to help individuals in preparing themselves mentally and physically to fight for their families, possessions and families. This video unveils the amazing techniques of fighting before the zombie apocalypse.  

Dr. Ellis says, “Self-assessment is just as important as self-reliance. So, it’s time for some self-assessment. When’s the last time you could do 10 pull-ups? How long has it been since you defended yourself in hand-to-hand combat against a worthy opponent? Have you ever had real-world conditioning & fight training?” He further adds, “Now that we’re being honest here, let’s do something about it. As mentioned above, it’s doesn’t matter how much water you have stored, how tricked out your bug out vehicle is, or how much you’ve rehearsed.  If you are not mentally and physically ready for an emergency, and if you cannot fight off the zombies, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!  It’s that simple.”

The training video would help people to learn deadly street fighting techniques, defending techniques, against various attacks. This training video also trains the viewers to learn the fighting techniques that ensure least amount of damage. The Super Hero Strong record time fitness, showed in the video requires zero fitness equipments. Viewers would also be facilitated with fast and reflexive powers, while watching the videos. The strategies of this video are wonderful. This video can be availed at only $77.

Readers have come up with amazing feedbacks about the outcomes of this video. Joe has recently purchased this amazing video. He comments, “This video is incredible. I have learned amazing techniques of fighting through this video. I have checked several video of the similar kind, but nothing was as effective as this one. Added to that, I had to pay nominal cost for this amazing video. I feel every man, who is a bit responsible about his family and loved ones, should learn the fighting techniques of the video. They are simple, yet extremely effective. This is a value for money deal.”

Survival Combat Fitness video is offered by John Spencer Ellis and Yuri Boiarsky. This video is loved by the viewers. For more details please visit

Survival Combat Fitness
Las Vegas, NV