Proguard Storage Highlights the Benefits of Roll-Up Doors for Storage Rentals

Proguard Storage, a Texas storage company known for its commitment to security and convenience, is spotlighting the advantages offered by its units with roll-ups doors. Such units are available at all of the company’s six locations to make storage as easy as possible for Houston residents.

“Roll-up doors provide more access than traditional swing doors, which makes them ideal for storage rental units. Our units with roll-up doors can be used to store anything from a car or boat to furniture or art,” said Blenda Stapleton, facility manager at Proguard Storage.

As its name implies, a roll-up door opens by rolling upwards, as compared to a traditional swing door which opens on a hinge. Swing doors are not commonly used by storage facilities, as they would have to swing into the hallway or the unit, neither of which are ideal. In addition, the hinges of the door take up precious space, narrowing the doorway of the unit. Instead, Proguard Storage uses roll-up doors for its storage rental units. These doors roll upwards, providing a wider entry, and they don’t swing inwards or outwards, which makes it easier and safer to store items in all corners of a unit with roll-up doors.

Units with roll-up doors are available at all six of Proguard Storage’s Texas storage locations. For more information or to reserve a unit, visit or call 713-771-0188. The company blogs about storage at and can be found on Facebook and Twitter at and