The Cindy Shearin Group Bottom Line


What better proofs can one look for in a successful real estate company than the actual sales it has done? The harvest shows the planting. And when the results are consistently happy clients, we know further that such results are not mere accidents. In a real sense, that is the bottom line for a company.

Cindy Shearin, both the person and the company it seems, is certainly proud of those accomplishments. Showing some of their latest sales on its website is also both a proof of its success as a real estate broker as well as its ability to attract sellers and buyers who value the group’s expertise in the industry. To be a winner, one must work with winners.

But showing actual sales is not merely putting ribbons on one’s hat. One must allow the people who gave those ribbons to speak out and say why they gave them in the first place. Hence, the website lists down some of the testimonies of buyers and sellers who have utilized Cindy’s services.

Here are a few samples:

We truly could not have found an agent with more integrity, intelligence, sensitivity, knowledge, dedication, efficiency and professionalism.

From the first day your ideas, directions and vision were right on point leading up to the successful sale of our home.... Selling the house your kids grew up in is an emotional experience to say the least. The time spent with you gave the appreciation that you understood the emotional aspect of selling our house and for that I will always be grateful.

Cindy Shearin is a miracle worker.

Cindy is a caring and experienced professional who was available 7 days a week to help close a difficult house to buy.

We feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Cindy and will recommend her to everyone we know.

Truly, selling our home so easily at a time that home sales took a significant downward turn, and yielding us a great price with multiple offers is nothing short of spectacular and amazing!

Really impressive testimonials for a professional worker. And these are from real people with real names.