Combination Antibody Therapy Market for Cancer Treatment – Outlook on Deals, Development and Interviews to 2020 offers “Combination Antibody Therapy for Cancer Treatment Overview” research report in its store. Recombinant antibodies have been the shining jewels in the firmament of the pharma industry for almost the last two decades. They have returned billions of dollars in sales, and if their performance has not been the unalloyed triumph that was foreseen at their inception, they have, at least in some instances, produced impressive gains in patient response. Today they are one of the most fundamental strategies for treating patients with hematological malignancies and solid tumors. This report explores the next level of therapy, combining antibodies with additional agents.

The Combination Antibody Therapy Market for Cancer Treatment report consists of eight chapters that address different aspects of the issue of combined antibody therapy – past, present, and future, topics include:

  • A brief review of the clinical efficacy and market status of currently approved antibody-based drugs for cancer therapy
  • Outlook for combination antibody therapeutics
  • Targeted Antibody Therapeutics & Immuno-Antibody Therapeutics
  • Development and Current Products
  • Combination of Chemotherapy and Immuno-antibody therapeutics
  • Combinations of immune-antibodies
  • Immuno- antibody therapeutics in the marketplace
  • Fusion Antibody Therapeutics
  • Multitargeted and Polyfunctional Antibody Therapeutics
  • Patent Expiration and the Rise of Biosimilars
  • Biosimilar antibodies in the market
  • Deals and the Marketplace
  • Interviews with Leading Experts:
    • Interview with Esper Boel, SVP, head of discovery; Ivan Horak, CSO; and Mads Laustsen, CMO at Symphogen
    • Interview with Eric S. Langer, Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.
    • Interview with Dr. Laurent Ducry, Group Leader Bioconjugates R&D, Lonza, Valais, Switzerland
    • Interview with Dr. Cheng Liu, CEO, Eureka Therapeutics
    • Interview with Steve King, President, Peregrine Pharma
  • Survey with data from Industry Representatives Concerning Developments in Antibody Technology

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List of Tables

Table 1.1. FDA-Approved Epigenetic Therapies
Table 3.1.1. Currently Approved Non-mAb Anticancer Immunotherapeutics.
Table 4.1.1. Seattle Genetics ADCs in clinical trials
Table 5.2.1. Examples of Oligoclonal and polyclonal antibody therapeutics in development.
Table 6.XX: Needs a Title
Table 7.1: Merger and Acquisition Trends

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List of Figures

Figure Timeline for development of ipilimumab.
Figure Binding sites on human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) for FDA-approved HER2-directed therapies
Figure 2.1. Mechanisms that drive drug resistance in cancer cells
Figure 2.2.1. Depiction of the Primary Mechanisms that Enable Cancer Cells to Become Drug Resistant
Figure 3.1.1. Flash Gordon Comic Strip from the 1950s.
Figure 3.1. The Il-2 pathway.
Figure 3.2.1. MAPK Pathway and Mechanism of Vemurafenib
Figure 3.3.1. Domain Architecture and Affinity Purification of a scFv:CD40L Fusion Proteins
Figure 5.1.1. Alternative possibilities for bispecific Antibodies.
Figure Biomarker discovery over the last 30 years
Figure 8.4.1. Rate of new drug approvals.

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