EZ CyberQuest Inc Expands its Wireless Driveway Alarm Product Selection and Launches All-New Website

April 21, 2014 – To go along with the launch of their brand new website,, EZ CyberQuest has now firmly established itself as a specialist in unique, wireless driveway alarm products. “We’re now specializing in wireless driveway alarms with wireless distances of up to 2 miles!” said the excited Daniel Baker, President of EZ CyberQuest Inc.


The wireless driveway alarm specialist has expanded its range of wireless driveway alarm products to cater to a wider client base of consumers who may have previously had specific home security needs that the market hadn’t as yet catered to.


As part of their products expansion strategy, EZ CyberQuest has incorporated a number of leading brands into their tailored solutions, including the likes of the Dakota Alert 3000 Series and the Dakota Alert 2500 Series. These driveway alarm systems have a wireless range of up to 600 feet and 2500 feet, respectively, while brands such as Rodann Electronics and Voice Alert Annunciator provide wireless ranges of up to 1000 feet.


Other brands which form part of EZ CyberQuest’s wireless driveway alarm system offerings include the likes of the Chamberlain Driveway Alarm, Optex Driveway Alarm, Driveway Patrol and even Dakota MURS Alert, with the latter providing a wireless range of up to 4 miles.


By way of complete wireless driveway alarm solutions, a number of different elements can be incorporated to come up with a complete solution and this is essentially what makes EZ CyberQuest a market-leading specialist in this field, as their integrated product strategy planning services can essentially account for customized solutions that are tailored to each individual client’s specific needs. Driveway sensor alarm types, which make up just one part of the entire wireless driveway alarm solution, include options such as the pressure sensor driveway alarm (air hose), the magnetic driveway vehicle sensor (vehicle detector) and even a driveway motion sensor (motion detector).


As a result of EZ CyberQuest’s launch of their brand new website,, home security will be taken to a whole new level, with the specialist’s wireless driveway alarm products addressing a number of previously overlooked home security concerns.



EZ CyberQuest Inc. is a specialist in the Wireless Driveway Alarm products industry, providing unique, stand-alone alarm/alert systems. EZ CyberQuest launched their first e-commerce website,, back in 2005, which carries auto dealers, child safety alarms, door & window alarms, temperature alarms, entry chimes, and driveway alarms. 2007 saw the launch of as well as


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