Eastern Pools Offers Water Testing In-House To Save Clients Time And Money

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Eastern Pools has been in the pool and spa business for over 50 years. Opening in 1963, the Norton, Ohio company has been serving the area with pool and spa repairs, equipment, and more. They now have a new specialized water testing station in their store to help their customers who are on a budget with their money and also with their time. The process takes one minute to complete and clients will know their results very quickly.

The staff at Eastern Pools knows what all of their clients need when it comes to their pools and spas. These trained experts have been doing service to pools and spas to help them stay cleaned during the winter months and to help open them when it’s warm again.

When clients want to have their water tested, they just need to follow a few simple steps provided by Eastern Pools. The quality of the water in the pool and spa is very important so they can bring a sample of the water into the Eastern Pools store. The way that this process works is Eastern Pools will take the water sample and put it in their Taylor tester. This tester will spin the water sample much like in a lab. The results can be done in the store and within 60 seconds. Once the results are given to the client, they will know what kind of treatments they will need for their pool or spa. Using their specialized Taylor testing station will give their clients not only very quick results, but professional advice interpreting what the results mean, allowing them to get whatever chemicals they need to balance their water's chemistry while there, saving another trip or service call. More information can be found at

Eastern Pools has a collective total of over 200 years of customer service, pool, and spa experience. The knowledgeable staff will give their clients an accurate reading of the water they are using in their pool and spa. If any changes need to be made to either of them, the staff will know exactly what products to suggest and how their clients can use them. Their store is fully stocked with quality chemicals that clients can use for both their pools and spas. Once they receive an adequate water reading, Eastern Pools will help to educate the clients on everything that they need in order to make their swimming or soaking cleaner and safer for the skin.

Company: Eastern Pools
Address: 4953 Wooster Road West, Norton, Ohio 44203
Phone: 330-825-2214