Recently Launched Book by Commercial Real Estate Diva Pamela J. Goodwin Uses History of 25 Jobs to Teach and Inspire Readers into Action

Dallas, Texas – May 14, 2014:

Every step that we make in life provides a useful lesson in our lives, nothing portrays this as clearly as Pamela Goodwin recently released book “One Cent Lemonade to Million Dollar Deals: 25 Jobs & 25 Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner.”

Pamela uses her experience in  offering the readers something that they can relate with, she brings out a clear picture that life is not all about sweetness or straight lines, we are bound to make mistakes but we should always strive to move on. The greatest lesson is that we should learn from others and avoid falling into traps. Pamela shares her experience so that others can learn from them. She generously offers life experiences as reference point providing insightful lessons which can help in avoiding some pitfalls in life.

While this book is a bit of a personal journey, biopic approach to motivational and instructional self-help is done with skill and expertise. It makes a lot of sense for her to use this method since she is drawing from her life experiences to help others.

Pamela Goodwin’s story starts way back before her 25 jobs or even her own life. In the very first chapter she details how a family history of trailblazing women helped shape who she became. She also admits she wasn’t the greatest of students, a lesson that many should draw from her, we should not be tied by our past, and we have the potential to reach great heights even when our past is not so rosy. And yes, Goodwin’s success really does all start and lead back to a beginning of careers that was originally a lemonade stand.

Readers who do not like preachy authors will appreciate that Pamela Goodwin’s approach is different. To the contrary, she is admits she failed and  only wishes had known this or been aware of the tools she had in order to achieve success, earlier in life. She manages to cover a wide variety of topics and angles to success all while keeping it lighthearted, amusing and easy to comprehend.

The book has several chapters full of useful insight and advice as well as information. Drawing on experiences as well as helpful techniques, which have been used by successful people in the society. It is a useful tool to finding success, on a personal and professional level. The book is great example of where inspiration meets reality.

Pamela is not the kind of person who believes in instant gratification or promises quick riches, she advocates for hard work, patience, resilience and dedication until you get to a level where one can be described as successful. She prescribed to a culture where people have to work hard to achieve their goals and be successful.

The book makes for an entertaining and informative read. It is a book to look for if you want to get happiness as well as be success in life. The book is available on Amazon. (

About the Author: Pamela J. Goodwin is founder and CEO of Goodwin Commercial based in Dallas, Texas. She has more than two decades of commercial real estate experience. Pam has been featured in Texas Real Estate Business, Shopping Center Business and the Dallas Business Journal. When not working, Pam and her husband, Eric, enjoy attending their two sons’ basketball games. For more information call #214-929-9013 or check out her website at

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