Wahl Launches Hottest, Coolest Thing in Pain Management Yet

STERLING, ILL. (March 7, 2015) – Pain management is a hot topic, and thanks to Wahl, it just got a little hotter. The company that introduced the first-ever hot and cold gel pack with massage is at it again. This time, it’s with new and unique temperature-therapy products that help deliver faster relief right where it’s needed most.

The latest additions to Wahl’s pain management line of products include three new Hot/Cold Gel Packs: the Ceramic & Gel Pack Hot/Cold Spot Therapy, Hot/Cold Massage Spot Therapy Vibrating Gel Pack and the XL Hot/Cold Pack Oversized Therapeutic Gel Pack. Each offers the benefits of temperature-therapy by providing heat to increase circulation and promote healing of sore muscles as well as cold therapy to restrict blood flow and reduce swelling and inflammation.

At the heart of the two spot therapy products is a new ceramic-based technology enabling these temperature-therapy packs to heat up and cool down faster and retain their temperature longer.  This, along with the new oversized gel pack for large-area pain, is fulfilling a growing demand for pain management solutions that offer greater customization. 

“Everyone has different needs for their pain regimen,” said Jenny McLaughlin, product manager for Wahl Therapeutic Massagers. “We created this new line of unique, high quality, ceramic enhanced gel packs to help people feel better faster.”

The new additions to Wahl’s line of Hot/Cold Therapy Pack products include:

  • Ceramic & Gel Pack Hot/Cold Spot Therapy – This first-of-its-kind pack has ceramic beads infused into the gel, helping it to stay cold or hot longer than similar products. Ceramic is a primary raw material commonly found in nature. It is non-toxic and has high thermal retention. By maintaining an optimum temperature, the user can experience longer and faster pain relief. Heat the Gel Pack in a microwave or chill it in a freezer, then it fits neatly into a soft Velcro case to conform to the body. MSRP $14.99
  • Hot/Cold Massage Spot Therapy Vibrating Gel Pack – This new product offers all the temperature therapy benefits of the ceramic-bead-infused gel pack, combined with massage. A soothing deep-penetrating massage disc perfectly complements the Hot/Cold Pack for customized pain relief. Its soft case has a hand grip and Velcro strap so the user can easily spot treat specific areas. MSRP $19.99
  • XL Hot/Cold Pack Oversized Therapeutic Gel Pack – The largest on the market, this professional-grade, reusable gel pack offers penetrating relief for larger areas. At 11.5 inches by 15 inches, the pack is great for full back coverage.  The soft case has 3-foot straps and can be secured either horizontally or vertically. MSRP $29.99

These new offerings complement the growing line of Wahl’s temperature therapy products, which include the Hot/Cold Therapy Massager and the Hot/Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack. All the products are versatile enough to relieve muscle and joint pain in many areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders, back, feet and legs.

Wahl Massagers products are available at select retailers nationwide, while the new Hot/Cold Therapy Pack products will be available in summer 2015. For more information about the benefits of hand-held therapeutic massage, including techniques, tools and testimonials visit or follow Wahl on Facebook. Retailers interested in more information about Wahl products should call (815) 625-6525.

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