Charlie Scott Prepares for June 28th Album Release

Charlie Scott is set to release his album entitled "Hip-Hop Sinatra" on June 28th.

Queens native, Charlie Scott, is living an intense life that could be likened to those of Keith Urban and Neil Young, not just musically, but also in regards to sobriety. Charlie says, “I developed a terrible addiction to drugs, which lasted until I was twenty-one, ultimately leading to my parents deeming me hopeless and putting me out onto the street. After sleeping in a local park for a couple of nights, I was humbled enough to give rehab a chance.”

Charlie’s music tells the story about the battle he fought with drugs, as well as his triumphant recovery. His voice is not only reminiscent of an early Slim Shady, he also has the same undefeated mindset and a similar life story as the Grammy-winning rapper Eminem, who detailed his struggles with addiction on his latest album, Recovery.

Charlie’s lyrics are relatable, insatiable, and compelling. It is evident that he did not have an easy life. Raised by hearing-impaired parents, Charlie’s zealous array of mixed emotions is contained in his music. According to Charlie, the turning point in his career happened “when I was asked to write a goodbye letter to drugs, more speciNically as he refers to it, Roxy-codon. I turned it into a powerful song; that was the turning point for how I write music and how I use it to help me as a person.” He has no regrets, though; in fact, he states, “I wouldn’t change a single thing if I could. I’m blessed to say that I haven’t made many mistakes, and all the ones I have, were turned into great learning experiences.”

His talent and one-of-a-kind style are combined in a rap package that’s easily understood, even by new listeners. You can literally devour all of his words while envisioning his story. “My goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire, while giving an in-depth look at what goes on in

a mind that Nires thoughts as rapidly as mine. This is my silence. It’s how I escape.” Charlie’s album, Lyrical Therapy II, openly and honestly addresses his quest to empower

others in a universally worded fashion. “You have absolutely nothing to lose. We’re all born, and we all die; the fun part is in between. Do what you love, and live without regrets.”