LTE in Industry Verticals: Market Opportunities and Forecasts


There is a rapidly growing demand for broadband-enabled data applications within certain vertical market segments including public safety, oil, gas and energy production, defense and others. Wireless infrastructure and support service providers are optimizing LTE as the technology of choice for general communications and various applications including remote data acquisition, video surveillance, multimedia PTT, and others for private LTE network deployments.

The "LTE in Industry Verticals: Market Opportunities and Forecasts 2014 - 2019" report provides an in depth assessment of LTE in industry verticals including use cases, case studies, business case, value chain analysis, adoption timelines, and evaluation of key trends and drivers. The report includes forecasts for subscriptions and service revenue for 2012 to 2019 with sub-market data for the following industries: Manufacturing, Oil, Gas and Energy, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Utilities, Transportation, Defense, Public Safety, Education and Distance Learning, Healthcare. Forecasts also include a breakdown by consumer and enterprise users.

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Target Audience:

Application Developers
Mobile network operators
Managed service companies
Mobile device manufacturers
Wireless infrastructure vendors
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) suppliers
WiMAX and WiFi infrastructure suppliers
Research and development organizations
Government officials and agencies globally
Enterprise companies and businesses of all types

Table Of Content:

 1 Introduction 7
1.1 Summary
1.2 Topics Covered 8
1.3 Key Questions Answered 9
1.4 Target Audience 10
1.5 Companies Mentioned 11
2 LTE Technology Overview 13
2.1 LTE RAN Technology (E-UTRAN) 14
2.2 EPC Technology 16
2.3 Interoperability with 2G/3G Systems 18
2.3.1 Mobile Data Only Service 18
2.3.2 LTE Data Service with 2G/3G Voice 18
2.3.3 Voice and Data Services over LTE 18
2.4 Interoperability with LMR Systems 19
2.5 LTE Advanced Support for Heterogeneous Commercial and LMR Networks 20
3 LTE Business Case in Vertical Industry Segments 25
3.1 Key Market Drivers 25
3.1.1 LTE vs. LMR 25
3.1.2 Security Features 27
3.1.3 Spectrum Flexibility 28
3.1.4 Economic Feasibility 29
3.1.5 Vendor Commitments 29
3.1.6 Support for Data Intensive and Low Latency Applications 31
3.1.7 Voice Interoperability 31
3.2 Key Barriers 31
3.2.1 Interoperability with Legacy Proprietary Solutions 31
3.2.2 The Private vs. Shared Commercial Network Debate 32
3.2.3 Device Challenges and Opportunities 33
3.3 The LTE in Industry Verticals Value Chain 39

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