Headed to boloco? Don't Forget Your Passport

BOSTON, MA –  boloco, a family of fast casual burrito restaurants best known for its globally inspired menu of burritos, bowls, smoothies, & shakes, recently announced the rollout of its new loyalty program: the boloco passport. With this innovative new system, burrito lovers will swap their existing boloco cards for the boloco passport for their next trip around the world (or, um, the menu). Current boloco cardholders need not fear, as the card won’t retire until June 30, 2014.

Starting on May 5, guests can begin swapping their current boloco card for the boloco passport. The boloco passport is app-based and can be downloaded in the iTunes Store or Google Play. For guests who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use the app, there will also be an option to pick up a QR sticker at any boloco and to stick it on their existing boloco card.

Guests have two months to make the change and the great part is they won’t lose anything currently stored on their boloco cards. When guests make the swap, their points and freebies will convert over to dollars on the boloco passport (no math required!). Plus, boloco will give every guest $2 just for signing up.

“We’ve been working on the boloco passport for over a year and we are thrilled it’s now available for our guests,” said Patrick Renna, CFO and interim CEO of boloco. “We believe this enhances the boloco experience and hope our guests agree. This technology will soon become the standard in our industry and in others that provide loyalty programs. ”

While the initial transition may require a bit of explanation, boloco is ready and willing to answer all guests’ questions (boloco is always listening). Here are just a few features guests can look forward to in the new system:

  • Convenience. All guests need is their phone. They can order, pay, and earn (and redeem!) rewards in one easy step. The new app will link right up to the guest’s credit card or debit card, making the boloco experience quicker and easier. No more backlogging missed rewards because that pesky boloco card was in a different pants pocket.
  • Rewards. No more points or freebies – just good ol’ (digital) George Washingtons. (Well, except on Free Burrito Day. There will always be freebies on FBD). For every $50 guests spend using the passport, they will earn dollars to spend at boloco. How much they will earn will depend on a guest’s VIBE (Very Important Burrito Eater) status. 
  • Neatness. Not in a “neat-o” kind of way, but in a “super efficient, awesome” way. The boloco passport log-in will work for the app, online ordering, and rewards, integrating all boloco user based systems into one. This means no more multiple boloco log-ins!

Guests with questions can give boloco a shout at @bolocobuzz on Twitter, email, or stop in to their local boloco for more details (and a handy how-to guide!). The last day to transfer those points and freebies is June 30, but does anyone really want to wait until the last day? Best to take to the interwebs and make sure those points live on to become beautiful burritos in the near, near future.        


boloco believes that even a burrito aspires. The Boston-based family of 22 restaurants and over 400 team members serves globally inspired burritos, bowls, smoothies and shakes in locations throughout the Eastern United States. boloco’s unique purpose is to use a simple burrito to transform the lives and futures of people working in food service, for which it won the New England Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012.  In addition, boloco is 2-Star Certified by the Green Restaurant Association and continually takes important baby steps to improve its environ-mentality. To get the inside scoop (and earn free burritos), visit,, or email - #bolocolistens. Where it all began… watch “Our Story at 15” here: