China Air Purifier Industry Report 2013-2016 adds report China Air Purifier Industry Report, 2013-2016 to its store.China Air Purifier Industry Report, 2013-2016 forecasts that China's output of air purifier will reach 17.8 million units in 2016, with an increase of about 16% in 2013-2016.

In 2010-2013, household appliance companies at home and abroad have entered the Chinese air purifier market successively, accompanied by a substantial growth in sales volume. Daikin that cracked the Chinese market in 2010 witnessed a year-on-year increase of 2.6 times in air purifier products in January 2013; Sharp that entered China in 2011 saw a year-on-year rise of 2 times in the sales volume of air purifier in January 2013; as of February, 2013, Vatti that tapped into the field of household air purifier in early 2012 reached cumulative sales volume of over 20,000 units.

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In the context of hot market sales, many companies have enhanced their production capacity one by one, Panasonic since January 2013, for example, has raised the operating rate of its air purifier factory in China to 150% of the same period last year; Sharp's factory in Shanghai is under expansion; Honeywell will also increase investment in the research and development of air and water purification. At the same time, the export-oriented Chinese enterprises have also begun to accelerate the layout of domestic market.

Consisting of seven chapters and 76 charts, this report forecasts and analyzes data related to each chapter, mainly covering the followings:

  • China's macro-economic environment (including GDP, industrial added value, investment, consumption, import and export, etc.);
  • Industry overview (including definition, classification, application, primary technology, industry market environment, relevant policies, etc.);
  • Market operation (involving operating revenue, total profit, production & sales analysis and forecast, import & export analysis and forecast, etc.);
  • Competitive landscape (involving brand competition, breakdown product competition, price competition, etc.);
  • Market environment, classification, market capacity forecast of market segments i.e. household air purifier and in-vehicle air purifier;
  • Revenue, market share, market attention, product price, news, etc. of 10 major foreign companies e.g. Philips, Panasonic, Sharp and 10 leading Chinese peers such as Yadu, Midea, Gree.

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Table Of Contents

1 Macro-economic Environment in China, 2011- 2013
1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Industrial Added Value
1.3 Fixed-Asset Investment
1.4 Consumption Maintains Steady Growth
1.5 Import and Export
1.6 Price Level
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast, 2012-2013E

2 Air Purifier Industry Overview
2.1 Definition and Classification
2.1.1 Definition
2.1.2 Classification
2.2 Application Fields
2.3 Industry Market Environment
2.3.1 Air Environment
2.3.2 Consumption
2.4 Relevant Policies

3 Air Purifier Industry Market Operation
3.1 Market Profile
3.2 Supply and Demand Analysis
3.2.1 Output Analysis and Forecast
3.2.2 Sales Volume Analysis and Forecast
3.3 Import and Export Analysis
3.3.1 Export Analysis and Forecast
3.3.2 Import Analysis and Forecast

4 Competitive Landscape
4.1 Overall Situation
4.2 Brand Competition
4.3 Breakdown Product Competition
4.4 Price Competition
4.4.1 Brand Price Competition
4.4.2 Breakdown Product Price Competition

5 Air Purifier Industry Segments
5.1 Household Type
5.1.1 Classification
5.1.2 Market Scale
5.2 In-Vehicle Type

6 Major Foreign Companies
6.1 Philips
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.1.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.1.4 Market Attention and Market Share
6.2 Panasonic
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.2.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.2.4 Market Attention and Market Share
6.2.5 Sales Volume Soars, Operating Rate Up to 1.5 Times
6.3 Sharp
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.3.3 Market Attention and Market Share
6.3.4 Air Purifier Sales Trebles YoY, Factory Expanded
6.4 Blueair
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.4.3 Market Share
6.5 Honeywell
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.5.3 Air Purifier Product
6.5.4 Seize Opportunities of Urbanization, Increase Investment in Air and Water Purification
6.6 Electrolux
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.6.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.7 Daikin
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.7.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.7.4 To Constantly Introduce New Products
6.8 Plaston
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.8.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.9 Hitachi
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.9.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
6.10 Amway
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 Air Purifier

7 Major Domestic Companies
7.1 Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (002256)
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.1.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
7.1.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
7.1.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
7.1.6 Acquisition of Indoor Environmental Protection Enterprise - Green-welcome
7.1.7 Net Income in H1 2013 Expected to Increase 18 Times
7.2 Beijing YADU Indoor Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.2.3 Market Attention and Market Share
7.3 Guangdong Midea Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.3.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.3.4 Market Attention and Market Share
7.3.5 To Launch Air Purifier Product for Visual Monitoring of Formaldehyde Concentration Device
7.4 Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.4.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.5 Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.5.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.6 Broad Air Quality Technology Co., Ltd.
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.6.3 Market Attention
7.6.4 Domestic Sales of Commodities Originally Produced for Export
7.7 Zhangzhou Wanlida Light Catalysis Technology Co., Ltd.
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.8 Airdow Technology (Xiamen) Co., LTD
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.9 Airmate Electrical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.9.3 Air Purifier Product and Price
7.10 Qingdao Funglan Environmental Protection & Technology Co.,Ltd
7.10.1 Profile
7.10.2 Air Purifier Product and Price

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