Affluent Wealth International Doesn’t Believe New York Needs Another Tax!

Affluent Wealth International Is the One Sure-Fire Way to Protect Your Assets from All Obstacles, Especially Excessive Taxes!

New York City, New York. August 11, 2015.   Affluent Wealth International, Inc. is all about wealth…and teaching everyday people how to achieve it…on their schedule and in their timeframe. Do the wealthy in New York agree that yet another new tax, regardless of how it’s justified, is necessary?  If we took a poll every day for a week and asked them, they’d likely agree that they’re all taxed to death and don’t want another one.  Whether you want to own a Gulfstream G-550 so you can avoid the nonstop hassles at airports around the world or you simply want a cozy little place for your family in Belize, wealth means different things to different people.  Most wealthy people had at least one dream and likely more, and they went after them.  Consistently.  They pushed past all the obstacles and remained on course, dogged and determined to reach that magic number they set for themselves in the way of a goal.  Affluent Wealth International sets people on a course that THEY have chosen for themselves and proceeds to get them exactly where they want to be.


Affluent Wealth International teaches the unspoken language of wealth.  What?  You thought that everything someone needed to know about achieving wealth was information that was readily available?  That you could learn about how to do it from attorneys, securities brokers, real estate gurus or other alleged experts?  If that were true, everyone would be wealthy. What separates Affluent Wealth International from any other organization is that it is a customized educational process that not only helps people become wealthy, but teaches them how to protect their assets.  Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to become a millionaire these days.  Look at all the dot com companies that spawned dozens of millionaires that were not even old enough to drink alcohol legally in most states!  Making a lot of money is not as difficult as it is to keep that money.  Affluent Wealth International’s expertise is in doing just that: helping you protect your money after you've earned it.


The wealthy have access to knowledge most people just don’t have a chance of getting.  Their circles of influence are broad and span many industries and yes, they operate under an entirely different system of rules than the average individual.  The knowledge they have is what Affluent Wealth International brings to those interested in taking the next step to acquiring wealth, and more importantly, protecting it so that no life emergency can rob them of the lifestyle they’ve worked so very hard to achieve.  For additional information visit us at Affluent Wealth International, Inc.  Direct inquiries to