Online Contractor Induction Services from InductPro

InductPro recognises that most companies need more adequate induction processes for employees and contractors. They understand how new contractors and employees can form first impressions about their roles, and can point them in the right direction.

[SOUTH BRISBANE, June 18, 2014] – InductPro, a leading online provider of WHS compliance, risk and governance services, recognises that most companies need more adequate induction processes for employees as well as contractors. The company understands how new contractors or employees can form first impressions about their roles, company, and co-workers, and will offer solutions to point them in the right direction.


The Induction Advantage


InductPro knows that an effective induction process sets the tone for a new member’s adjustment to the team, and reduces the time needed in order for them to become productive. The company helps businesses inform their new employees about all the relevant information they need, particularly health and safety.


Employers have a legislated duty to provide a healthy and safe environment for workers and contractors, a duty that can be breached by neglecting to inform people of the proper procedure. This is where the effectiveness of the induction process is most important, and where InductPro can make the most impact. It is not just the contractors and employees the company wants to protect, but the managers, employers, and owners of the business as well.


The Induction Process


InductPro starts its program by making the first few weeks as easy for the starter as possible. The company recognises that the initial period is crucial for any contractor or employee, and they have a structured plan, complete with deliverables, to make that transition period as simple as possible.


The plan InductPro introduces is a comprehensive structure that lists everything from responsibilities, and who they meet; as well as the training, duties and meetings they need to undertake during the induction process. The company believes that by going through everything on the first few weeks, new contractors and employees will be better equipped to face challenges, even without the guidance of management.


About InductPro


InductPro is an initiative of Safety Concepts Pty Ltd., which has been in operation since 2007 under the leadership of Wayne Patterson. The company offers an easy to use induction system that is engaging and accessible to all levels of expertise, and delivers consistent and compliant induction to employees, contractors, and visitors.


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