Amazon FBA vs eBay vs Shipwire vs Marketplace

This short article may change forever the way you look at Amazon FBA and eBay selling!

According to Business Insider (and as of this writing) Amazon currently has 10 MILLION Prime Members:

$89 x 10,000,000.00 = 890,000,000.00 (890 Million)

How many Amazon FBA Members?

Could not find these numbers because Amazon holds the cards close to their chest. But let's be conservative and say that there are a measly ONE million FBA users. Here's how those numbers look:

1,000,000.00 x $500 = $500,000,000.00 (500 million)

So why start a comparison article with this math?

Simple. Almost everyone making the real money with Amazon FBA and eBay (and others) are selling digital product downloads (mp3, videos, course manuals, or memberships) on "How to Make Money Doing What They Are Doing."


Because THAT'S where the real money is -- and will always be.

It is much cheaper and profitable to create and sell digital products to download online than to do the:

- sourcing

- schelping

- tagging

- boxing

- dealing with the post office staff!

Of course you have the time and money associated with all of this. If you outsource time is saved but you still need to spend the money.

Recently I heard Matt Clark (of AmazingSellingMachines) bragging about raking in $16 MILLION dollars with his digital course that teaches us (all together now) "How to Make Money with Amazon FBA"

(BTW- a membership is also a digital product)

He keeps releases the course year after year and, yelp, lots of people keep buying it.

One of my favorite "myths" about all of this is: Manufacturers Never Sell Direct.


Wrong! Yes, it's true manufacturers are now selling products directly to the consumers through sites like Amazon FBA and eBay. Or certainly employees with access to the same low prices are doing it.

Don't believe me? Just check some of the prices on sites like and compare them against Amazon's (or eBay's) prices.

BTW the same people who tell you that manufacturers don't sell direct to consumers are usually selling a digital product to get you to do Amazon FBA, or eBay, etc.

Otherwise why would you ever waste your time (and $50/m) if you knew that you could never win the 'buy box' or move products through the site?

Maybe by now you are starting to think; "Wow, maybe she's right, maybe I need to develop some kind of digital product to sell online. It would sure beat the time I spend sourcing and having my products collect dust in Amazon's warehouse."

But what if you don't have anything digital to sell or know nothing about it? This is where I can help:


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