keyboard_arrow_up Widens Their Online Platform For The Upcoming Music Artists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE unveils a wonderful online platform to facilitate the independent artists. This web based destination offers the benefits of free legal music downloads and streaming for the talented individuals.

Every single free music piece, released on the virtual stage of Tune Surfer, is under a creative commons music license. This allows the users to download and stream the music piece with complete independence. This web based destination is created by highly skilled professionals, who have also facilitated the users to remix and share their favorite music pieces.  People can also sample the music part of a video for any other project, without getting troubled with the copyright infringement.

This virtual state is also aimed to fulfill the promotional concern of the music artists. Budding talents can release their respective derivate works on this website. As per an executive, associated with the company, “We are always focused to benefit the qualified music professionals and artists, by offering them a desired platform to highlight their work. We are glad to receive amazing response from the artists, for offering this opportunity.”

The company allows all the users to release their art pieces of music, as far as the original artists are credited in the release. Users need to release their music videos under the same commons license. This license allows the users to freely share the videos on internet with almost no restrictions. This company also shares all the advertisement revenue with the artists, who release their music on Tune Surfer.

Apart from all these, the free music streaming company is regarded to be a preferred choice of the music fans. This company avails more than 16000 songs, shared by 1400 artists. Moreover, the free music website has helped the talented professionals increasing recognition and making money with free music. The royalty free music company is loaded with a strong base of fans and music creators. Roger K, a music video maker, has made it really big with the help of this company. He comments, “I am quite happy with the services of Tune surfer. I have shared several music videos, created by me on this platform. It feels really incredible to see, how people like your initiative. Tune Surfer has widened a whole new gateway for budding artists, like me. I would really refer this site to every music artist and video making professionals, who are aiming to reach out to the maximum number of audience.”

About is a free music website. This website is liked both by music fans and music creators.
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