The Importance of Safety Apparel in the Workplace

Providing employees with the proper safety apparel is just as important as providing them with any other tool they need to perform their job. Worksites where employees face potential exposure to accidents or harmful materials have a responsibility to provide them with proper protective gear in order to prevent harm and avoid work stoppages and slowdowns.

Because every workplace is different, managers and employers need to consider what potentially dangerous factors their employees could face, and provide them with the proper work wear based on the realities of the job:

·         Exposure to caustic substances – If workers are required to handle or be around caustic chemicals, elements, or other substances that can cause harm, it is the employers' responsibility to provide them with safety gear that protects them from possible exposure. Even if the hazardous material is sealed away or only actually touched by machine, employees should still be provided with safety apparel in case of accidental exposure. Depending on the level of exposure that is likely to be encountered, this gear should include goggles, gloves, protective masks for the mouth, and any other gear that will protect workers from accidental leaks, splashes, or spills.

·         Flame-resistant work clothing – For workplaces where there is open flame or a large amount of flammable material, workers should be provided with uniforms or other protective gear that are flame-resistant. Depending on the level of exposure to heat and flammable material an employee is likely to encounter on the job, their work apparel will need to include shirts and pants that are made from flame-resistant material, or they will need to be provided with flame-resistant coverings that they can wear over their clothes.

·         Construction and industrial safety gear – Construction and industrial jobs come with a high instance of injury. This comes from many factors: accidents can be caused by trips and falls, faulty or incorrectly used machinery, or falling materials and tools, to name a few causes. As such, workers on industrial and construction sites should be provided with safety gear that includes helmets, goggles, gloves, and any other protection for the head, hands, feet, and body necessary given the factors on the site. They should also be provided with visibility vests to make them visible to other workers and machinery operators.

In addition to providing the correct amount of safety equipment for their worksite, employers are also responsible for making sure that their employees know how to use the gear correctly, follow proper usage procedure, and take the necessary steps to make sure their gear is in proper working order. If a worksite doesn't use its safety equipment correctly or lets it fall into disrepair, employees can be exposed to just as much danger as they would be if it was not present.


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