The Friend Ship Friendesha Book for Kids Gets Great Reviews

In Friend Ship Friendesha Book, Joe Scott introduces many of the same lessons to children ages 4-8. Here is a review by Gregory Racine, a professional book reviewer who purchased this book for his sister’s children from

The Friend Ship Friendesha is a new series by Massachusetts-based author Joe Scott, with an inaugural book of the same name.  The series looks promising out of the gate with engaging characters, school and family-friendly themes, and delightful illustrations provided by new illustrator R. Boone.

Mr. Scott has stated that his goal was to build a series that will help children deal with negative energy in their lives, particularly bullying. After reading the book, I checked out his author website and was excited to see that he has provided a guide for parents and teachers to work through with their children, which includes helpful prompts for getting the little ones to talk. It seems that his passion for helping children deal with playground antagonism has endowed his stories with a strong moral compass, and after reading it to my five-year-old, I was relieved that there were no awkward moments of ethical ambiguity to explain, as sometimes happens with kid-lit.

Unlike many of the available purpose-driven books, however, The Friend Ship Friendesha manages to be an engaging and enjoyable read in its own right. Full of quirky characters and lively wordplay, the story bounces along with energy to spare, perfect for afternoon or bedtime reading. The illustrations are beautifully rich watercolors, packed with the kind of detail that will keep little ones engaged for many evenings. It's just long enough that I didn't need to read it twice in one sitting, a welcome relief as a parent, but my son was full of questions and ideas.  He loved the space ships that filled the pages, and made little "zoom" noises all through breakfast the next day, piloting his spoon around the kitchen.

 I loved the exploration of environmental themes as well, with the villainous Oily Spoilies serving as bullies and polluters. As an avid hiker, I love the outdoors and nature, and I was excited to see this topic covered as well. Scott is clearly an ambitious and talented storyteller who is on a mission to make the world a better place.

I've already ordered another copy for my sister's children, and I look forward to see our kids playing at "Friendeshans and Oily Spoilies" in the back yard.


The Friend Ship Friendesha introduces children to the concept that friends and positive energy matters! If you are looking for a new book to gift to kids, The Friend Ship Friendesha will be a great gift for your children. The book is available online at


About The Friend Ship Friendesha

The author of The Friend Ship Friendesha, Joe Scott, is an acclaimed author. His new series, The Friend Ship Friendesha, introduces many of the same lessons to children ages 4-8. This illustrated story book for kids has become popular with both parents and kids.

Joe’s first book, The Joe Dial, received glowing reviews for its perceptive take on human interaction, and the role of positive and negative energy in relationships. Joe is a father and grandfather, and loves spending time with his family and friends along the Merrimack River. He lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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