Vernon’s 100 Best Self-Catering Holiday Homes in Scotland

Self-catering is a very common experience in Scotland and this has led to establishment of numerous self-catering holiday homes in Scotland. Every home is unique and offers different facilities and services. Nevertheless, Vernon’s self-catering holiday homes have proved to be outstanding and continued to attract many customers from all over the world. Vernon’s 100 BEST contains the most luxurious self-catering holiday homes in Scotland. This is the guide that will help you select the most relaxed, fascinating, hospitable and lavish accommodation in the entire region of Scotland.

Many people that visit Scotland prefer spending their time is self-catering holiday homes. The homes are very accommodating and will give a real effect on your holiday experience. The owners of these homes understand the wide range of their clients’ needs and that is why they come up with different designs and styles of the homes.


All the holiday homes contained in the Vernon’s 100 BEST are unique in one way or the other. The architectural designs of the homes are breath-taking and their locations are exceptional. The furnishings and decorations have been professionally done and everything about these homes is nothing but perfect. In most cases, the homes are near historic sites in Scotland making it easier for the occupants to enjoy the beautiful scenes of these sites. The gardens and surroundings of the homes are very comfortable and refreshing. The gardens are ever green and well maintained.


Vernon’s 100 BEST guide contains 100 top self-catering holiday homes that have been selected by Vernon Ballantine. Some of these homes include: luxury eco holiday lodges, luxury cottages Fort William, large holiday home Selkirk, five star farm cottage Scotland, luxury holiday cottages Scotland, luxury holiday cottage Loch Lomond, luxury self-catering Edinburgh, Dumfries and Galloway self-catering, large holiday home Scotland near Kelso and Black Isle sea view cottages, among others. All these homes have unique features and are strategically located to allow you choose the environment you love most. For instance, you can choose to stay in cottages near a forest; ocean, sea or river; mountain; beach; city centre; countryside; etc.


There is no doubt that Vernon’s 100 BEST are among the most beautiful, romantic, relaxing, attractive and luxurious homes in Scotland. The homes are the best choices for those visiting Scotland for whatever reasons. Whether you are visiting Scotland for business, holiday, conference, etc., you are guaranteed of getting a home that will suit you best. The homes can accommodate individuals, families and groups.


Vernon’s 100 BEST is a guide created by Vernon Ballantine. His greatest passion has been to provide world class self-catering holiday homes in Scotland. This has made him very valuable in the Scottish tourism sector because many people have enjoyed their holidays in Scotland by staying in the self-catering holiday homes listed in his 100 BEST guide.


If you are planning to visit Scotland for a holiday then Vernon’s 100 BEST guide is the best place for you. You are guaranteed of getting a home that will give you a lifetime holiday experience while in Scotland.


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