Intradiem Shares Insights on Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2014

ATLANTA, GA – January 15, 2014 – Intradiem, the leading provider of intraday management solutions, announced the top five contact center trends to watch in 2014. Understanding these trends will help contact center leaders keep priorities like customer experience in mind as they implement tactics and strategies to meet 2014 goals and objectives.

Five trends to watch in 2014 include:

  1. The customer journey rises as an important tool in managing customer experience.  How customers perceive the sum of all of their interactions with a company defines the customer experience. This journey includes every touch point from retail store interactions to contact center experiences. These exchanges must be consistent as one rough patch can turn a loyal customer to the arms of a competitor.
  2. Contact centers and agents need to integrate social. Social media as a viable channel for providing quality customer care is not a passing fad. This means agents need to have the right skill set and be proficient in handling such inquiries. Contact centers also need to span siloes and integrate social channels to ensure agents are readily available to handle these interactions.
  3. Personalized service will drive loyalty. A personalized customer experience means everyone must be focused on the customer, regardless of their role. Understanding elements of the customer journey – their history and previous interactions with the company and the best way to respond to their individual inquiry will encourage customers to continue to do business with a company.
  4. Reacting to big data is crucial. Most customer organizations are already inundated with data generated by the contact center. Data elements will continue to increase as the number of channels increase. Contact centers need to determine how to use the data to positively impact agent performance and customer experience. This means connecting disparate systems and giving the contact center and agents the tools needed to answer inquiries quickly and correctly as well as the center’s ability to react to new information that jeopardizes these efforts.
  5. Contact centers will optimize toward creating real-time workforces.  Agents must receive updates on products, services, policies etc. as they occur in order to maintain consistency across channels. Fully optimized contact centers not only deliver this information despite complex and changing conditions, they also update agent profiles immediately following completions. These centers deploy skilled agents across channels to ensure they’re available to respond to customers no matter what unexpected business interruptions may occur.

“These trends clearly indicate organizations’ focus on methods that drive improvements to the customer experience as well as underscore some of the challenges they will encounter. No matter what happens, contact centers need to be prepared to deliver personalized service via the channels that customers prefer,” said Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO. “Companies that deliver an exceptional customer experience will create loyal customers and maintain a competitive edge.”

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