PRESS RELEASE: NYSEA Chooses HealthWay Pharmacies as Mail-Meds Prescription Services Provider

NEW YORK- HealthWay Pharmacies is bringing its mail-in prescription services to New York City following a recent four-year contract with the New York State Employees Association.

The partnership will provide the NYSEA's over one million members with “Mail-Meds," prompting the construction of a new record-keeping and processing facility in lower Manhattan.

Below is an example of how Mail-Meds work:

This new facility:

  • Will be exclusively for NYSEA member sales
  • Will allow HealthWay Pharmacy to take advantage of bulk shipping rates
  • Is funded by the New York State Office of Economic Development via the governor's "New Jobs,  New Opportunities Initiative"
  • Will provide over 40 new pharmaceutical jobs to the region

Overall, this partnership will:

  • Double HealthWay Pharmacy's Mail-Meds sales
  • Postpone the launch of HealthWay's online "Ask a Pharmacist" service by six months

For more information about how HealthWay Pharmacies’ partnership with NYSEA will affect you, please visit or contact Rachael Keeney, HealthWay Pharmacies Director of Public Relations, at


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