EMS Internet Reviews on the Salient Features of Newly Improved Illustrator CC

 Innumerable web design and development companies have been relying on Adobe Illustrator in order to create some beautiful and appealing designs to feature in a company’s logo or print packages. But then there were a few setbacks that were limiting its uses. This is why Illustrator CC is recently launched. This is basically the seventh version of Illustrator. Other than introducing some new tools, this new program has thus laid emphasis on the enhancing the ability of the existing tools. Being the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator, this application enables the end user to create some wonderful illustrations. Therefore, Illustrator CC is one of the most recommended graphic programs mentioned in EMS Internet reviews. However, in order to know about the many features of this newly improved application read on the below mentioned domains:

·         It helps making the precision corner treatments easy with just a simple click and the drag with its Live Corners. The corners can be chamfered, inverted and rounded. The end-user can work directly on the artwork, or can input the precise values inside Control panel or else the very new Corners dialog

·         Comes with Pencil tool, which to sketch curves more precisely and accurately with ample options for extending paths, sketch straight lines as well as close paths. Well, the new curve technology is extended to Smooth tools, Brush and Blob Brush

·         Offers completely new Path Segment Reshape characteristics, which allow the user to smoothly and easily drag the path segments to its desired shape. Moreover, this newly introduced technology is a part of Direct Select Tools and also Anchor Points. However and can be accessed easily from that of the Pen tool when drawing

·         Also, enables the user to save documents as responsive SVG code that can scale innumerable devices while the browser windows are resized.

·         Updates the Perspective drawing so that the end user is able to alter the vanishing points as well as the horizon line of grid that is underlying, thereby having the artwork dynamically updated in order to match the brand new perspective

·         Additionally, provides a convenient way for browsing and also sorting out the Typekit fonts, inside the font menu. The user can select from at least nine hundred Typekit desktop fonts to sync those via the Creative Cloud to make them available in the Illustrator CC.

·         It has the ability to support pressure-sensitive style even on Windows 8 tablet or computers. Plus it can also support HiDPI displays for the personal computers that run on both Windows 7 and 8

·         Allow the user to share the Illustrator settings over multiple computers by importing and exporting settings to the folders

·         Enables creating Custom Tools panel so that the users can have the set of devices they require for a specific task.

However, as according to the reviews of EMS Internet Ltd on Illustrator CC, this updated version can be provided with some client-requested enhancements as well. This includes layer states, strokes control in Swatches panel and sliders in order to control opacity settings.

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