JSB Market Research - Insight Report: Investors in Cards and Payments

The "Insight Report: Investors in Cards and Payments" report provides insights into the investment activities in cards and payments industry around the world.:

It provides information on key market drivers for increased investment in the cards and payments industry.
It provides a global snapshot of investment trends in the cards and payments industry.
It provides insights into key products and services attracting major investments.
It provides insights into key investors, from venture capitalists to financial institutions and technology vendors.
It provides information on regional dynamics of investments in the cards and payments industry.

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Consumers growing preference for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and increasing internet penetration encouraged service providers to build payment solutions based around mobile devices. Technological improvements in cloud computing and the use of open application programming interfaces (APIs) are also supporting the emergence of cost-effective solutions for cashless payments. The increased revenue potential due to the low cost of innovative payment solutions and the burgeoning market for digital payments are attracting investments from venture firms and participants in the payments industry, such as financial institutions, technology vendors and card scheme providers. Investments in e-commerce and online payments are the preferred investment sector followed by mobile payments and card processing services. An increase in e-commerce sales activities and expected further expansion has created strong revenue generation potential for investors and payment solution developers alike. New market entrants are experimenting with social media to capitalize on opportunities in using social networks as a platform for conducting e-commerce activities. There is also an increased focus on international money transfers and peer-to-peer (P2P) domestic transactions. Investments in mobile wallets also gained momentum in 2013, with their adoption expected to improve over the next five years.
Among the various investment types acquisitions, asset transaction and venture financing venture financing leads investment activities in terms of the volume of deals made in the cards and payments industry. Venture capitalists also emerged as key investors for mobile payment developers. Unlike acquisitions and asset transactions, which involved single investors, venture financing deals registered participation from more than one investor. In terms of the regional dynamics, North America and Europe collectively accounted for majority of investment deals made in the cards and payments industry during last five years. Investment activities have been limited in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. However, the growing use of cards, large consumer markets and flexible regulatory environments are expected to make these regions key areas of investment over the forecast period.

This report covers investments made by venture capitalists, financial institutions and technology vendors in the cards and payments industry.
Investments deals are analyzed on the basis of their regional spread, deal value and type.
The report covers analysis of key payment products and services which have attracted investors focus.
The report provides profiles of key investors operating in the cards and payments industry.

Reasons To Buy
Gain insights into emerging areas of investment in the cards and payments industry.
Understand which products and services are likely to make an impact on market over the next five years.
Gain information about key investors operating in the cards and payments industry.


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