Bedroom to Backyard, Solo or Group: Sexercise Unleashes the Animal Within

While the masses resolve to "get fit for the new year," leading Fitness Pro Jason Rosell has committed to be their coach and guide them through each sweaty workout. Rosell grew up as the "fat kid" in school weighing in at a hefty 220 lbs. and spent nights devouring bags of Oreos and gallons of ice cream in an effort to "eat himself to sleep." After making a late nite pact with his 20 year-old self to change his eating habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle, Rosell has literally transformed into a fraction of his former self. Watch his story:

Driven by the mantra, "Mind Right, Body Tight," Rosell founded Caliente Fitness and quickly emerged as an industry leader while inspiring others to achieve not only their fitness goals, but other lifestyle changes as well. The former host of the popular web series, "Being Fat Sucks" ( continues to prove that "anything is possible!"

Fitness Pro By Day, Reality TV Star By Night….

In addition to his accomplishments in the health/fitness world, many also recognize Rosell as the infamous reality TV star, "Heat" who competed for Flavor Flav's sloppy seconds on Vh1's "I Love New York" and later resurfaced on MTV's "I Love Money" for two seasons. With the world of reality TV behind him, Rosell stunned fans in Spring 2013 by making his music debut with the release of "Caliente." The infectious single peaked at #2 on the Latin Pop charts. In late Summer 2013, Rosell released "Ayy Mami" which quickly became one of the hottest tracks in clubs around the world and the music video is still in rotation on MTV.

#Sexercise Workout

To kick-off 2014, Rosell has blended the best of both his worlds: the gym and recording studio! Rosell will motivate with his #Sexercise workout that provides key benefits including: Weightloss, Interval Cardio Fat Loss, Muscle Toning, Sexual Endorphins, Lean Body Muscle Development, Heart Conditioning and Sexual Longevity. 

Designed to incorporate Rosell's two passions -- working out and sex -- the #Sexercise workout is a results-driven program that is inspired by moves frequently associated with the bedroom, including: Shoulder Pop, Booty Pop, Pump Jumps, Leg Scissors, Boxing Jabs, Oblique Crunches, Jump Rope Aerobics, Thigh Blasters, Squats, Lunges, Triceps, and Biceps.

#Sexercise Single/Music Video

#Sexercise -- Rosell's 3rd single from his upcoming EP -- will release on January 21, 2014 followed shortly thereafter by a music video premiering exclusively on VEVO. So You Think You Can Dance and MTV's America's Best Dance Crew alum Alan "Phlex" Kirk makes his directorial debut with #Sexercise. Advance teaser trailer: 

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