Kayaking is Great Exercise and a Perfect Way to Escape the Summer Heat

Looking to spend time outside this summer, but dreading the hot temperatures? Kayaking is the perfect way to be outdoors, get some exercise, and escape the summer heat.

Wilderness Systems just released two new ultralite (UL) kayaks, the Pungo and the Tarpon. Made with a lightweight, durable material, they are great for paddlers of all levels and are easy to carry to and from the water. Maneuverable and fun to paddle, both kayaks are an essential addition to any trip to the beach. Designed for everything from a short paddle to explore around the point, or a longer day trip down the river, there's plenty of room to bring everything you need. 

Bomber Gear's new Baja UV Protection Shirt will keep the sunburn away and help regulate your body temperature, whether you're out in the blazing sun or enjoying the beach on an overcast day. With UPF 50 built into the Polartec ® Power Grid ® material, the Baja will keep your skin dry and protect you from the elements.

Dagger's ROAM Kayak (Rivers Oceans And Mountains) is a do-it-all kayak designed for adventurers who want to paddle on rivers, in the ocean or on mountain lakes. A sit-on-top kayak, the ROAM is easy to get in an out of of, has plenty of room to carry all your gear, and has a built in bag that easily can be removed for a quick hike or picnic in your newfound secret lagoon. 

Please let me know if you are interested in featuring any of these products in a summer issue or online. 

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