Ojus Health is offering a Holistic Approach for Healthy Life in Melbourne with their Ayurvedic Consultations

Established in 2008, Ojus Health has constantly been working for the advancement of the civilization regarding the wellbeing and prosperity. In order to promote naturally healthy lifestyle, the Ayurvedic experts of Ojus Health are offering ayurvedic consultations in Melbourne. The consultation will suggest treatments to cure and protect human body from the chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Ojus Health is one of the leading Ayurveda Clinics in Victoria. It is run by a team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, who aim to promote healthy lifestyle in Australia through their Ayurvedic and Herbal practices. In order to aware people about the ayurvedic alternatives of various treatments, the experts of Ojus Health are offering Ayurvedic Consultations in Melbourne. The session will include assessing various problems and disorders in patients, and providing Ayurvedic and herbal solutions for them.

Dr. Naveen Kumar, the founder of Ojus Health, said that Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation is essential for everyone, not just for someone with poor health. “People with good health can take Ayurvedic Consultation to make sure that they remain healthy all their life. For those, who are seeking solutions for health problems, Ayurvedic Consultation can help them in finding a holistic approach to achieve good health. We at Ojus Health, offer various type of consultations to our patients, like Lifestyle Consultation, Therapeutic Yoga Sessions etc. Everything is done in order to establish an approach for our patients that provides them the maximum benefits in minimum time.”

The Ayurvedic consultation with Ojus Health will be a session of 90 minutes, which will include assessment of physical, mental and emotional status of the patients. During the consultation, their Ayurvedic doctor will ask various questions which will help in getting to the roots of the problems. Based on the findings, the doctors will suggest a personalised approach to every individual which will involve various combinations of dietary suggestions, exercises or Yoga sessions, meditation sessions, herbal remedies and many others.

“Once the recommendations have been adopted, our patients will notice significant improvement in their energy and health level, and will find reduced chances of developing health problems,” said Dr. Kumar. “We are committed to provide authentic and quality Ayurvedic treatments within the reach of Australians. Our therapists are well trained and have been successful in helping many people with their various health problems. We wish to help people in achieving balance between body, mind and soul through holistic manners.”

Along with Ayurvedic Consultations, Ojus Health also provides Rejuvenation Therapy, herbal oil massages, stress management and ayurveda training & certifications. To book your appointment with their experts you can visit the website, call at 0411-572-091 or email at and

About the Company:
Ojus Health started its business in Australia in 2008. We offer complete Ayurvedic assessment and Ayurveda treatments in Melbourne and surrounding locations. We have a team of qualified professionals who are competent in offering best Ayurvedic therapies. At Ojus Health, we also offer traditional ayurveda trainings & certifications, yoga classes and lifestyle modification techniques to heal our client’s health issues.