Gary Newell DDS And Associates LLC In Abington PA, Provides Solutions For Tooth Pain Relief

Glenside PA, 04-JUNE-2014 - Gary Newell DDS and Associates and Gary Newell are pleased to announce that tooth pain relief is available to residents of the Abington PA area. The Abington dentist offers a comprehensive list of solutions to dental problems, including pain from exposed nerves, cavities and chipped or broken teeth. In addition, there are cosmetic dental procedures available to improve the appearance of the teeth.

According to Dr. Newell DDS, "When pain is due to periodontal disease, we are proud to offer the latest technology available for periodontal therapy: laser sessions. There are numerous advantages to using laser therapy as opposed to the traditional methods requiring a scalpel and sutures. With laser therapy, there is reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, no charring, and no drill noise or vibration."

He continues, "The stress and anxiety often associated with dental work is therefore eliminated when you experience quick, effective, and essentially pain-free laser procedures. Also, postoperative sensitivity is greatly limited by laser dentistry, and recovery time is much quicker than with traditional methods. In fact, due to the less-invasive nature of the laser technique, the mouth begins to heal immediately after work is completed!"

Laser therapy means there is a reduced risk of infection, since the light beam acts as a sterilization tool on the area under attention. There is reduced risk of bacterial infections and relapses. There is almost no pain associated with the therapy, so no injections are required. No lengthy numbness follows the session, since only a light anesthetic spray is used.

Learn more about relief of tooth pain by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the contents of this specific press release are invited to contact the Dr. Newell at the location described below.

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