Research Report on Condom Industry in China, 2014-2018

Research Report on Condom Industry in China, 2014-2018 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. As Chinese economy develops, utilization rate of condoms exhibits upward trend due to people's increase concern for reproductive health. Functions of condoms expand from contraception to prevention of STDs and AIDS. Condoms can also improve the quality of people's sex life. 

In China, condoms belonged to sanitary products before 2002, which led to strict government control, low production capacity and limited market size. From 2002, Chinese government loosened control over condom industry, which gained rapid development afterwards. Annual output volume of condoms was merely 1 billion in 1995 while the number exceeded 10 billion in China in 2013. Major export destinations for condoms in China were Vietnam, South Africa, the U.K. and Russia. Export value of condoms exceeded USD 90 million in 2013. 

As a special industry, condom industry can be divided into 2 parts. One part is government procurement. Chinese government purchases over 1 billion condoms every year and gives them out for free for family planning and STD prevention. Governments at all levels purchase condoms from designated enterprises. Although purchase amount of Chinese government is huge, average unit price is merely CNY 0.15-0.5. 

Another part is commercial condom market with intense competition. There are hundreds of condom enterprises in China. Usually, these enterprises order products from domestic manufacturers or purchase imported condoms in bulk, and sell them after packaging. Retail price per condom is CNY 0.5-20 in China in 2014. Market size exceeded CNY 8 billion in 2013 with high profit margin, making the industry new focus of competition. 

As a labor-intensive industry in China, condom industry enjoys lower labor costs and price advantages compared to developed countries. Chinese condom manufacturers possess advantages of production technology and prices compared to other developing countries. Annual export value of condoms is tens of millions of USD with major export destinations like South Africa and Russia. Some of the products are purchased by WHO and UNFPA. 

Some Chinese people consider imported condoms better than domestic products in quality. Therefore, China imports a large amount of condoms from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan every year. Import value of condoms reached USD 133 million in China in 2013 with a trade deficit of USD 40 million.  

In China, sexually active population reaches hundreds of millions, leading to huge market potential for condoms. From the 1980s, increases in premarital sex behaviors and commercial sex behaviors stimulate demand for condoms. Commercial sex behaviors are not completely eliminated though they are banned by Chinese government. To reduce transmission of STDs such as AIDS, public places for entertainment, like nightclubs and hotels, are required to provide condoms. 

As income per capita and life quality improve, requirements for quantity and quality of condoms are expected to grow in China as an important market for global manufacturers and enterprises of condoms. 

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information or even more:
-Status of China Condom Market
-Competition Status of Condom Market
-Status of Government Procurement of Condoms
-Major Enterprises in China Condom Market
-Import and Export of Condoms in China
-Development Trend of Condom Industry

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