For the Woman Who Has Everything: Jewelry that Will Stun Her

Finding the right gift for the woman in your life can be a truly stressful endeavor. Shopping for a woman who appreciates jewelry can only make matters worse.  Perhaps she has the ability to create the perfect ensemble (jewelry included) without a flinch, effortlessly pairing earrings and bauble bracelets with the perfect cocktail gown and shoes.  Or maybe you see her with a new piece of jewelry on to match every mood, event, or potential look she might be going for.  She has it all.

            So how do you add to this perfect collection of jewelry?  It may seem to contradict logic; however, the woman who seems to have every type of jewelry imaginable is precisely the woman who could use even more.  It is the enigma that is the ever-fashionable lady—she has it all, and it still is not enough.  Brand new items excite a woman who loves to shop for jewelry.  Even though it may seem that you could not possibly add anything new to her bottomless collection, the thrill and excitement of receiving something she has never worn will keep her feeling like she’s at the top of the fashion food chain.

The key to buying for this type of woman is to find her style, and try to add something she will like with a complementary and beautiful new piece. Also consider her interests outside of jewelry, since this could be the key to finding out what will suit her best. A birthstone piece, for instance, can be a thoughtful and personal idea for the woman who is interested in astrology. Maybe she reads her horoscope on a daily or weekly basis and likes to discuss with others what their signs mean and how their personalities reflect their birth month.  Jewelry that showcases her birthstone will be a great conversation piece for her when she is out and about, testing her theories on other jewelry lovers.  A piece of birthstone jewelry will also show her that you put serious thought into choosing the perfect gift and wanted it to be as personal to her as possible. 

            If quirky interests like these do not seem to relate to the woman in your life, consider going through her jewelry box to get an idea for what you think she may like.  Perhaps she wants something modern and easily recognizable.  Various designer styles like a Simon G. ring, or any piece out of the John Hardy jewelry collection can be excellent choices for ladies who already have designer jewelry pieces similar to these.  Maybe she likes unique pieces no one else ever wears.  Artisan jewelry pieces made by single designers are oftentimes one-of-a-kind, and depending on the style, can give off a very interesting and provocative historical aura.  Gold nugget jewelry is made from such beautiful, yellow gold, it can make anyone look like a modern-day Cleopatra.  Teufel motion jewelry, which is designed to move as delicately as she does, may also be a new favorite.  This offers a whole new vibe to a jewelry collection and can turn a little black dress into a totally new look.  

            No matter what choice you make, rest assured that your lady will adore what you have given her.  For the woman who seems to have everything, the best possible addition to her collection is anything new.  The rush and excitement of having something new was precisely what made her collection grow so large in the first place.  When you put some thought into her loveable quirky interests and her already established style and preferences, she’ll realize she didn’t have it all until now.


Alaska Jewelry was started in Sitka, Alaska in 1990 by local operators Chris and Tamara Fondell.  Featuring hand-carved, Northwest native Alaskan jewelry as well as popular and luxury brands like John Hardy, Tacori and Simon G., the company expanded its clientele with the introduction of its online presence in 2000.  It is the only locally owned jewelry operator in Sitka, Alaska and features a special miles program with Alaska Airlines and all its airline partners exclusively for Alaska Jewelry customers.