Wireless Home Security Systems Installations

A wireless home security system provides security by notifying outside law enforcement or a security-monitoring agency, in the event that the system is breached. In the past, home security systems were wired into the home, and depended on existing telephone lines and electricity to transmit intrusion notifications. Over time, with technological advancements, Wireless systems are now self-contained and do not require outside telephone or electric access.

A wireless home security systems installation in Chambersburg has a control panel that acts as a central hub for all the security data. Sensors are fixed around the property to be protected and they send communication back to the control panel about any suspicious activities. In case of any suspicious alerts, the control panel will automatically dial the local law enforcement agency or it will dial a central monitoring station. Central monitoring stations are manned 24/7, allowing security officers to establish if a call is a false alarm prior to passing the call to local emergency services for action. These systems also contain a built-in source of power, as well as a calling unit. This is a benefit over wired systems. Wireless systems, therefore, continue to monitor the home in the case of a power outage.

Just like wired security systems; wireless systems have various alert options. They may sound an audible alarm in the home, or alternatively, the homeowner may choose to have a silent alarm. This way, intruders will not know that they have triggered an alarm, giving law enforcement officers a higher probability of catching them.

Here are some pros and cons associated with wireless home security systems installation in Chambersburg :


With wireless home security systems, burglars do not have a chance to tamper with exposed wires in an attempt to render sensors useless. This makes your home much more secure.

With wireless home security systems, you also do not have to drill several holes to make room for the wiring network. All you have to do is to secure a position for the control panel on the wall then fix the sensors in their proper positions.

Wireless home security system technology allows you to remotely access service through your smart phone. This feature allows you to monitor your house through video feeds and control the system's settings—even when you are not around. You can also lock doors and control your house’s lighting and temperature conditions.

Lastly, when using a wireless home security system installation in Chambersburg, troubleshooting is not a problem as they feature their own troubleshooting program.


Even though wireless home security systems boast a wire free feature, it has a number of drawbacks. For example, if you do not install the control panel in the correct position, it may experience complications communicating with the sensors. This is why proper placement is so important. Your wireless home security system needs to be positioned in an area with the greatest signal availability. You should also ensure the sensors are within close proximity of the wireless control panel.

A top wireless home security systems installation in Chambersburg may cost more than a traditional wired security home systems, however, the money you spend will be worth every penny.

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