Red Cross First Aid Training

Edmonton, AB — Specialized Emergency Training offers Red Cross certified first aid training in the Edmonton area.

Specialized Emergency Training is a Canadian Red Cross training partner. All Specialized Emergency Training first aid training is certified by Canadian Red Cross and meets the Red Cross first aid training standards.

First aid training provides you with the skills and knowledge you would need to face an emergency situation calmly and react effectively to treat injuries and potentially save a life. Emergency situations can be extremely stressful, but the knowledge you can gain from first aid training will give you the confidence you need to treat any injuries you may face.

First aid training can make you a valuable asset in an emergency situation and receiving your first aid certification from a reliable source is imperative. Canadian Red Cross training partners are certified to provide quality first aid training that meets the Canadian Red Cross first aid training standards. Specialized Emergency Training offers Canadian Red Cross certified first aid training that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to properly administer first aid in an emergency situation.

Specialized Emergency Training offers both classroom and blended first aid certification options. Both of these course options provide the necessary first aid training to receive you first aid certification.

Specialized Emergency Training offers Red Cross first aid training in Edmonton. Specialized Emergency Training also offers many more safety training courses. For further information on the training Specialized Emergency Training offers visit the website at

For more information, contact Morgan Douziech, (EMT-A) instructor and owner of Specialized Emergency Training, at