Affluent Wealth Club Tells Members Not To Sink Their Money in Treasury Bills Expected to Plunge to 1.75%.

Affluent Wealth Club Shows Members How to More Safely Protect Their Money Instead of Putting Their Money into U.S. 10-Year Treasury Bills expected to Plunge to 1.75%, thanks to Current Market Volatility.

When the Stock Market behaves badly, as it has for several days now, the average investor gets nervous and looks for “safe” places to put his money. For conservative people, that tends to mean U.S. Treasury notes.  Affluent Wealth Club members know that piling their money into “safe” places like that, especially when their yield is on a par with most CDs or money market accounts, is frankly, for the birds.  Affluent Wealth Club teaches its members to grow their money responsibly but far more aggressively and their results put the Fed’s current Treasury bills to shame.


Affluent Wealth Club is designed for those who are already entrepreneurial movers and shakers…or those who want to be.  There is a commitment of time and money but the customized plan each member receives is well worth both.  Whether you are contemplating starting a business or are already quite successful in multiple business ventures, the Affluent Wealth Club is a repository for the kind of knowledge that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.  As members have stated, their lives were changed radically for the better after only a few meetings of the Affluent Wealth Club.  They actually began to see that long held dreams were able to be realized and their excitement about that is contagious. 


The founder of the Affluent Wealth Club has been asked to consult with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in key situations.  It’s safe to say he knows something about money…not only making it, which is far easier than most people think, but keeping it…which is a whole lot harder.  Visit us at or direct inquiries to